Coach Eryck on BlogTalkRadio

Coach Eryck on BlogTalkRadio

Coach Eryck was invited to speak on BlogTalkRadio’s “Garage to Office” show. He discussed what it takes to succeed as a small business owner in America today and how ‘creativity is the currency of business.’ Click Listen to hear that interview. Or read Merchant Cash & Capital’s excellent recap of the interview.

‘Creativity Is The Currency Of Business’

Eryck Avila is the founder of Avila Creative Soccer, which trains young players at three locations in Austin, Texas, thanks in part to funding from Merchant Cash and Capital. Recently, he was a guest of “Small Business Digest”, a program on BlogTalk Radio, talking about what it takes to succeed as a small business owner in America today. For Avila, it’s something to be found in the very name of his business: creativity. “Creativity is the currency of business”, he told the show’s host.

Avila was praised for the work he’s put in to grow his business. “Any man that can help a thousand children we want on our program,” said Don Mazzella, who hosts the national show.

It was a rainy spell in Texas that set Avila on the path from serving a handful of children outdoors to a having company with 18 employees and many, many trained players. “I needed to get out of the rain,” he quipped. “I needed to put a roof over my head. I didn’t know that I was starting a business.”

And Avila insisted that some of the credit for his success must go to his parents, who are social workers. “My mom and dad have given me the greatest gift, in terms of constructing this business and working with children, because sports are mechanisms of socialization,” he said. Avila added that the support of his family helped him get through some of the mistakes he made along the way.

“I was born with this passion for soccer,” Avila said. “That’s something that any business owner, any CEO has to have. They have to have a passion.”

From Merchant Cash & Capital

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