Fall Max Plan

Unlimited Fall Training

This fall, supplement your children’s team practices with focused development. Enhance their on-field creativity, both coaches and teammates will love. Give them an edge to be proud of throughout the season with our Fall Max Plan.

Affordable price for not just one child, but all children

The Max Plan was created so the entire family can train at an affordable price. With one flat price, each sibling can choose from an assortment of Specialty Skills classes and train for up to 1.5 hours each day. This includes daily Speed & Agility warm-ups.

Max Plan Program Details

Fall Semester

4 months of Specialty Skills training for all children in the family. Starts as early as August 29th

Note: On-going open registrations throughout the school year. You still get 4 months if you sign up after the first possible start date.


Cost includes all children in the family

$450 Anderson Mill
$450 Round Rock
$475 South Austin
$550 Lakeway

See Fall Savings below

Daily Sessions

• Up to (2) 45-min classes per child each day
• Various Specialty Skills throughout the semester
• Includes Speed & Agility warm-ups
4:15 PM–7:30 PM only

Skills & Scrimmage Savings

Great savings with our Train & Apply program

Note: The $150 extra scrimmage add-on may only be added at the time of Train & Apply or Scrimmage Package purchase, it my not be purchased on it’s own. Otherwise, another full scrimmage semester must be added at $450.

Must know for Max Plan

Fall Savings

Purchase by July 23rd

  • $100 off regular price
  • Free Winter Camp
  • Free Winter Shooting Mechanics Clinic
  • Price through 7/23: $350-$450

Purchase by August 23rd

  • $75 off regular price
  • Free Winter Camp
  • Price through 8/23: $375-$475

Purchase by September 5th

  • Free Winter Camp
  • Price through 9/5: $450-$550

Purchase and Sign-up

This fall, give your child the necessary creative skills to make a difference on the field. Click the links below to get started.

Fall Savings through July 23rd. Includes free Winter Camp and Winter Shooting Mechanics Clinic





Mandatory Baseline Assessments

All new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence must schedule and purchase the mandatory $10 Baseline Assessment fee (free on the One-Year Package).

Continuing players don't need to purchase or schedule a Baseline Assessment.

Purchase your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

Schedule your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

The Max Plan can only be used during Fall Semester only. Can not be used with other programs like Spring or Summer Camps, Immersion packages etc. May be purchased mid-semester, depending on instance (call for consult).