Fall Scrimmaging

This Fall, apply your skills through scrimmaging

Apply the skills you learn through Avila Creative Soccer’s level-specific Tactical Scrimmaging Program! Soccer players chosen by their arm band color (see descriptions) will scrimmage each week on our indoor fields to fine-tune their tactical understanding of the outdoor game to make sure they maintain peak form for their club.

Our Scrimmage Program includes:

  • A 4v4 format
  • Avila-certified trainers injected into the games
  • An emphasis on the Art of Triangles and Passing Lanes
    • Off-the-ball Movement is totally demystified
    • Position-specific techniques explained with laser focus
    • Players taught to work as a unit

    These scrimmages with players of the same exact level represent the optimal way to apply the skills your child has learned. Multiple position specific coaches will be on the field to deconstruct game situations, promote smart assertiveness, offer personal attention and open each player's eyes to new tactical possibilities.

    This scrimmage program is by level only. If you are unsure of your child’s level, call Coach Eryck directly at 512.924.5715 and your child can be assessed for any remaining spots. Visit our Levels Page to estimate which arm band pertains to your child’s level.

    Avila Scrimmage Difference

    scrimmage program


    Tactical Principles Taught

    An emphasis on Triangles and Passing Lanes

    Off-the-ball Movement is totally demystified

    Players taught to work as a unit

    Scrimmaging Program Details

    Fall Semester

    4 months of once-a-week Scrimmaging
    Starts August 30th

    Note: On-going open registrations. You still get 4 months if you sign up after August 30th



    Financing available. For details, call Coach Eryck at 512.924.5715

    Scrimmage Packages

    Fall Train & Apply

    Fall Scrimmage Package

    Note: The $150 extra scrimmage add-on may only be added at the time of Train & Apply or Scrimmage Package purchase, it my not be purchased on it’s own. Otherwise, another full scrimmage semester must be added at $400.


    Level 1: Blue
    Level 2: Orange
    Level 3: Green
    Level 4: Gold
    Level 5: Black

    All players must take mandatory Level Exam 


    3:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:15 PM
    45 minute sessions
    Varies per location

    Must know for Scrimmaging

    Fall Scrimmage Schedule

    *Anderson Mill - Sunday is only offered in our Winter Scrimmage Matches - Sunday Edition from December 5, 2021 through January 30, 2022

    Enhance your program with packages

    Fall Train & Apply
    Combination of Max Plan (daily skills training) and Scrimmaging once-a-week


    Get on a Scrimmage Group

    1. View available Scrimmages

    2. Estimate your Avila level
    *You don't have to wait for a Baseline result before getting placed on a Scrimmage group, estimate your level using the link below.

    3. Provide us with your preferred day/time/location based on age, level and availability by filling out a form.

    You'll receive a confirmation with either your preferred scrimmage group (if available and eligible) or alternative scrimmage options. Once a scrimmage group is agreed upon, it will be your group for the semester.

    Read How to get things done page

    Purchase and schedule a Baseline Assessment, if needed

    Mandatory Baseline Assessments

    All new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence must schedule and purchase the mandatory $10 Baseline Assessment fee (free on the One-Year Package).

    Continuing players don't need to purchase or schedule a Baseline Assessment.

    Purchase your Baseline Assessment

    New players/players that have never been assessed

    Players returning after a semester's absence

    Schedule your Baseline Assessment

    New players/players that have never been assessed

    Players returning after a semester's absence