Customized Adult Soccer Lessons

Join us for an alternative soccer experience

Get one on one attention at Avila Soccer to take your skills to the next level. You’ll have the entire 45-minute session tailored to any skill level and any soccer need – whether it’s focusing on skills development, fitness with the ball, or if you simply connecting with your children through soccer.

Our indoor, climate-controlled, synthetic grass training facility is state-of-the-art with air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort. Come experience a facility that feels more like a home than a business.

For questions, please call Coach Eryck at 512-363-7992.


Perfect for

  • players wanting to learn basic mechanical skill principles
  • players wanting to perfect a special move
  • players wanting to be a better teammate
  • players wanting to contribute more to their team
  • parents wanting to connect with their children through soccer

Beginner to advanced players welcome


$225 for 1 player
$299 for 2 players (shared lessons)

Class info

  • (4) 45-minute classes customized to any soccer needs
  • 1:1 player to trainer ratio (may be 2:1 if shared with another player)
  • flexible class scheduling


$225 for 1 player
1-on-1 with a trainer

$299 for 2 players
shared lessons with a friend/partner