Fall Semester

sem fall

4 Months

September – December

The fall semester begins the first week after school starts, and ends on December 30th. However, we have a modified evening schedule for the last two weeks of December which involves limited hours of operation due to our added morning hours.

Winter Semester

sem winter

4 Months

November – February

The short winter semester overlaps both the fall and the spring semester. The start of the winter semester overlaps the Fall semester – this is because depending on age and level of play, some of our patrons begin to free up their club soccer schedules as early as November 1st (when the Fall Semester is still only halfway through). Older players and “select club” players tend to free up later in November toward the second or third week.

Immersion Program 

November – February

Avila Soccer’s Winter Immersion packages are flexible, unlimited off-season training that entitles you to attend age-appropriate Skills classes every day. You can attend classes from November 1 through March 1, 2019. To be eligible for this program, one of 4 base products must be purchased first: Winter Break Camp, Winter Speed & Agility, Winter Shooting Mechanics or Winter Scrimmage Matches.


December – February

In December and January, we open up the weekday and weekend slots for a 2-month period for more scrimmaging to accommodate players who want to keep their competitive edge by applying the skills they are learning in simulated games at Avila.

Winter Camp 


The Winter Camp will be in full swing during the mornings and afternoons for the last two weeks of December. As always, we will feature certain fan favorite skills classes that are only offered at this time of the year.

Shooting Mechanics Clinic 


At our bi-annual Shooting mechanics clinic at this time we will use video analysis to help your kid by giving him a shot!

Spring Semester

sem spring

5 Months

January – May

The Spring semester is a little bit longer than the Fall and has a week long Spring Break Camp in the middle of it. The classes and scrimmages offered do not change in anyway from the Fall semester.

Spring Break Camp 


Spring Break Camp is a chance for players to get a little bit of an edge and finish their outdoor seasons strongly. We get back to basics at Avila during this time, which for us in a nutshell, means combining South American flair with European pragmatism!

Summer Semester

sem summer

3 Months

June  – August

The summer semester kicks off right after school is over.

Summer Camp

June – August

Our iconic all-you-can-train Summer Camp is a chance to try every skills class and hone skills like no other time of the year.


June – August

We also offer scrimmaging packages in the summer. Some of our greatest trainers come back from college, some of them were actually Avila Soccer players. They bring with them vintage Avila drills and infectious energy that we look forward to all year long.

Shooting Mechanics Clinic


At our bi-annual Shooting mechanics clinic at this time we will use video analysis to help your kid by giving him a shot!

Play Better Immediately Clinic


This clinic mixes an academic and motor skills approach with tried and proven signature Avila drills designed to teach clarity, assertiveness and tactical decision-making

Speed & Agility 

June – August

The inexpensive speed and agility training throughout the entire summer is an absolute gem of a program we’ve developed by popular demand.