Summer Train & Apply

The Ethereal Awaits: Summer Train & Apply 2021

Acquiring skills is one thing, but understanding how to apply them at the right moment is the magic part. That’s why the most mesmerizing performances are the ones where people say “Did you see that?” The ones where you didn’t just take your chances when they came, you took it all to a whole other level. The ethereal realm. That union of consciousness and athletic ability. Where instinct is combined with insight.

That’s why Avila Creative Soccer’s Summer Train & Apply program is so important. Because you get to train all you want daily (Summer Camp) and then learn to apply the delicate skills you’ve mastered once a week in a Scrimmage.

Adding the scrimmaging, transcends the pure mechanics of skills development to focus on Awareness training too. Once you have the ability to move to the right place physically and mentally in a combined motion, the majesty of your game will be revealed – what was blurry will now be clear for everyone to see. Join us for Summer Train and Apply 2021. The ethereal awaits.

Bonus! Not only does Summer Train & Apply combine our two best programs (Summer Camp and Summer Scrimmaging), players get our Summer Speed & Agility FREE with this purchase as well!

Specialty Skills Training

Train all you can with Summer Camp

Includes an assortment of specialty classes like Shooting, Juggling, Passing, Dribbling and more.


Apply Specialty Skills through Scrimmaging

Focused on tactical training, teaching players to work as a unit using a 4v4 format.

Speed & Agility

Perform better with Speed & Agility Training

Enhance multi-directional speed, acceleration, movement and flexibility.

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Programs Included

All-you-can-train Summer Camp
June 1 – August 13, 2021

  • Mondays through Fridays
  • Up to 3 sessions daily:
    • (3) 30-minute Specialty Skills Classes
    • grouped per age group

Summer Scrimmaging
June 1 – August 6, 2021

  • Weekday and Weekend spots available
  • 10 once a week sessions

Summer Speed & Agility
June 1 – August 5, 2021

  • Mondays through Thursdays
  • once per day (unlimited throughout the summer)

Cost for the Entire Summer

Purchase Summer Camp and Summer Scrimmaging together to get Scrimmaging for half price. Plus, get Summer Speed & Agility for free!

$449.50 Anderson Mill & Round Rock
$499.50 South Austin
$549.50 Lakeway


Anderson Mill
Round Rock
South Austin

Must know for Summer Train & Apply

General Schedule

Purchase & Sign-up

If you decide that our Summer Train & Apply Program is right for your child, click the links below to get started.

$449.50 (Anderson Mill, Round Rock); $499.50 (South Austin) $549.50 (Lakeway)

Enhance your Summer Train & Apply with an add-on

Add-ons can only applied to the same player only, they cannot be applied to other family members.

Extra Scrimmage per week
$100 for the entire summer

Shooting Mechanics Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)

Play Better Immediately Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)

Prefer just one of these Summer Programs?

Head on over to Summer Camp or Summer Scrimmaging to purchase just one of these.


1. Get on a Scrimmage Group

View Summer Scrimmaging Schedule

Text the following to 512-710-6406:

  1. I’d like to get on a Summer Scrimmaging group
  2. Player’s name and age
  3. Preferred scrimmage day, time and location
  4. Estimated Avila level (What is my estimated level?)

2. Purchase and Schedule a Baseline Assessment if needed

Players will be assigned a wristband based on the result of their Baseline Assessment (or existing level). The initial wristband will be given for free and must be worn every time players come to Avila or they will not be allowed to train. If players forget their wristbands, a new one will be assigned at the cost of $2 (a text confirmation will be sent).

Mandatory Baseline Assessments

All new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence must schedule and purchase the mandatory $10 Baseline Assessment fee (free on the One-Year Package).

Continuing players don't need to purchase or schedule a Baseline Assessment.

Purchase your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

Schedule your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

3. Read Summer Protocols, Summer Orientation

Helpful Links

Players, please take a moment to read through the links below


Scrimmage Cancellations: If you are unable to make a scrimmage session, please fill out the form using the link above. Please note, scrimmages have a “use it or lose it policy.” (Single-day Cancellation: use if cancelling a single scrimmage session; Long-term Cancellation: use if cancellation is long-term/indefinite due to injury, conflict etc.)