Homeschool Academy

Morning Skills Program & Curriculum Progression

Our Homeschool Academy features Specialty Skills with curriculums that are proven winners, coupled with progress monitoring. Our goal is not only development, but to surprise your child each and every time they attend. Join us for an amazing opportunity to learn specialty soccer skills that will enhance your level of play and make you more effective on the field! Our classes are designed to fill in the gaps where your current skills are lacking, making you a better, more valuable player all around.

Core Subjects

shooting mechanics specialty
passing receiving specialty

Progress Monitoring

We will monitor your progress using a levels guide over several categories which will be scored

Learn more about Levels and our Skills Categories


3 Month Duration

Next semester TBD
Rolling 3 month enrollment
Holiday weeks maybe made up


$300 – once a week
$500 – twice a week
$600 – thrice a week
Enrollment requires a 3-month commitment

Siblings can train free of charge!

Program includes

3 Months of Skills Training
3 Months of Progress Monitoring


Anderson Mill

Days & Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9:00 AM – 10:30 PM
1.5 hours per day

Avila Mornings

Homeschool Academy is part of the Avila Mornings at Anderson Mill & Lakeway:

Extra time in between classes will be used for player exit, deep cleaning, player entrance and check-in