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As with any sport, soccer is physical in nature, and players require skills training to both improve and excel. There is a growing need for personal training of youth soccer players. Why? Because adult-controlled youth soccer is about winning, at the expense of athletic creativity and technical skills enhancement. Lacking an emphasis on individual skill development and creative enjoyment of the game, youth players can lose interest and motivation. Creative coaching is the key. This is the Avila Method.


Our mission is to give children and adults an alternative way to experience soccer that’s free of competition. It’s about competence and control without the pressure to perform. It’s about tailoring a program to the needs of young athletes so that through the game, they find a sense of mastery and self-development. As each player establishes a rapport with the ball and hones their motor skills, their confidence will also increase within the stress-free and supportive environment at Avila Soccer.

In keeping with the original spirit of the game, our mission is to foster a multi-dimensional soccer mindset and creative forms of athleticism. The Avila Method is not just about speed and power. It’s about rhythm, coordination, improvisation, vision and individual excellence—all the components of the “beautiful game.”

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A typical class consists of one or two instructors working with four to eight players of similar ability. We break down moves and soccer skills into phases, and then we break each phase down further into the elements of that phase, so that children can process techniques at their own pace, giving them a sense of self-attainment. We always have fun but train with a sense of urgency! We video tape the majority of our lessons for purposes of analysis and self-awareness.

Most of our classes take place between 3:30 pm and 9:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We offer group classes with 4-8 players per class, private lessons with 1-2 players per class, and team training with 8-14 players per class. Our patrons range between 5 and 60 years old, and they all have a unique story and commitment level. Call me at 363-7992; I want to hear your story in your words.

Avila Scrimmage Difference

Scrimmage Band is Avila Creative Soccer’s level-specific Tactical Scrimmaging Program! Soccer players chosen by their arm band color (see descriptions), with players of the same exact level represent the optimal way to apply the skills your child has learned. Multiple position specific coaches will be on the field to deconstruct game situations, promote smart assertiveness, offer personal attention and open each player’s eyes to new tactical possibilities.

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The Avila Premise is simple–that it is best to teach outdoor skills in little indoor facilities if you want to achieve big-time results. This is not “indoor soccer” the Sport – this is outdoor soccer being trained indoors in little, local, climate-controlled synthetic grass facilities. Why? Because this is the most efficient way to develop.

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Come experience a facility that feels more like a home than a business. While your child receives personalized training, you can watch through shatter-proof windows, use our free wireless Internet connection, hop on a treadmill, or simply relax and unwind on our plush sofas. Our training facility is state-of-the art with air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort.

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Is Avila Soccer a Resource for Serious Athletes Too?

Absolutely! Our trainers have exquisite skill and exceptional teaching ability. They are soccer artists with “down in the trenches” experience from a lifetime of playing wherever there was a space to play. They are schooled in the sociology of group dynamics and understand that teaching is all about communicating effectively. This means that athletes of all ages and commitment levels can benefit from training at Avila Soccer. Everyone from special needs kids to players in the MLS have come through our doors.

It should be noted that while we do not emphasize competition in our lessons, many of the players who train here are indeed elite athletes and use our methods to compete better on game day. The Avila hallmark is that we train without the fear of competition and, therefore, the associated emotional drawbacks. This lends itself to a more holistic approach in which top players can add variety to their game. This alternative model should in no way be mistaken for having a lack of resolve. We are committed to skills training, specifically the deconstruction of simple and extremely complex maneuvers. Top athletes find that training at Avila Soccer helps them to break through to the next level.