Dress Code

Mandatory Dress Code

  • Players must wear an Avila Classic Shirt at all times. Limited edition Avila shirts are also acceptable to wear.
  • Players are expected to have their own Avila Classic Shirt within 10 days of start of training.
  • Players who show up without an Avila shirt will be asked to wear a pinnie, which will be returned at the end of the session.
  • Players must wear an Avila wristband designating their level. Players will be assigned a wristband on the player's first day based on their existing level or result of the Baseline Assessment. If players forget their wristbands, a new one will be assigned at the cost of $2 (a text confirmation will be sent).
  • Goalies are excluded from this dress code but must wear the Avila wristband that corresponds with their level.
  • Use soccer shorts or athletic shorts, any color is fine.
  • Shin guards are required during scrimmage classes but may be removed during skills sessions.
  • Turf shoes are preferred. Cleats and tennis shoes are acceptable. Shooting Mechanics class is done barefoot, cleats should be removed before class.

Avila Classic Shirts are mandatory

Avila Classic Shirts can be purchased at our online shop only. Shirts will not be available for purchase at any of our facilities. Starts at $9.31

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