Symbolism of Avila’s Coat of Arms


Original logo dating back to the initial launch in the industry


Our Creative Soccer approach is depicted as a paint splash which is in keeping with our mission: “help players of all ages to play brilliantly”


Represents our industry – soccer

Austin, TX

On the banks of the Colorado river in Austin, Texas’ Town Lake is the location where Coach Eryck first started working with aspiring players in small groups instead of individually


Coach Eryck’s family hails from Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico


  • Light – clarity in instruction, the “spark” or ideas players come up with
  • Spirit – to try hard and feel confident
  • Faith – in oneself, teammates, coach, the Avila Method and in God


Year of Avila’s big debut of opening it’s first indoor soccer facility at Anderson Mill


Short for nutmeg–a technique used in soccer, in which a player rolls the ball through an opponent’s legs. Coach Eryck, a self-proclaimed nutmeg artist, enjoys this favorite skill. It’s an inside joke and laughable source of pride that continues to have a contagious effect on new Avila Soccer players. Coach Eryck likes to declare that Meg stands for “May Eryck Getcha”


There are 11 triangles positioned to represent how an Avila soccer team would line up on the field: 4 at the back, 3 in the middle and 3 up top [4-3-3]. In addition, there is one triangle positioned top left which represents:

  • the role of wingbacks – to play a high line and go up the field as forwards
  • the use of width in the final third – to open up space for the midfielders

Encouraging teammates to create and recreate triangles throughout the field of play is at the crux of what is referred to as unit play at Avila


The lines in between the triangles are the pathways, they are not only correlated to the triangles but there is causal relationship. The end result of teammates remembering to form triangles is the creation of passing lanes.