What Level are you?

Blue 1


Blue New

0-17 Points
New player in this level, little to no experience but has the desire to play.

Blue Ready

18-33 Points
Player who is ready to test for the next level, has begun to develop coordination and sensory integration and is ready to begin influencing the game more.

Orange 2

Experienced Beginner

Orange New

34-51 Points
New player in this level. Needs work but has played a few seasons and can influence the game.

Orange Ready

52-68 Points
Player who is ready to test for the next level, is more assertive, can perform many skills at a basic level from dribbling to high-ball trapping.

Green 3


Green New

69-83 Points
New player in this level. Very well-rounded player who needs fine-tuning and challenge, can complete 10-25 calm juggles on command, makes little to no unforced errors, especially in receiving the ball. Plays the ball sideways versus just forward or back.

Green Ready

84-98 Points
Player who is ready to test for the next level, can complete 25-50 calm juggles on command. Makes no unforced errors, has  improved tactical understanding of off-the-ball movement (finding triangles) when their own team is in possession.

Gold 4


Gold New

99-112 Points
New player in this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 51-200 calm juggles on command, can make things simple, can make no-look passes, can switch the point of attack using one touch. Has begun thinking ahead resulting in superior spacing. The concept of predictive momentum now influences their decisions more than ever.

Gold Ready

113-126 Points
Player who is ready to test for the next level, can complete 201-350 calm juggles on command. Can deliberately control the pace of the game, knows when to possess and when to carry the ball themselves, always makes other players play better, can be put on a weak team and still win.

Black 5


Black New

127-142 Points
New player in this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 25 juggles with a tennis ball, is committed to continuous connection, tracks their own teammates positions photographically and reads their intent meticulously, can apply elegant and yet appropriate skills at will. (Top 10% players in elite leagues).

Black Ready

143-157 Points
A master of thinking triangles into existence. Can create triangles, abandon the form, run across the field, and recreate the triangle again. Has a virtuoso level of skill. College or Pro-bound level, usually one of the most elite players on their club team.

The Avila Wristband Level measures the overall way a player performs in a game

Performance is more than just a skill. In 2004, we began asking “What is Performance?” Measuring a player’s competency would not be easy when one considers that so many players with superior skills often play poorly on game day. Today our signature test, years in the making, has 7 categories of expertise. 5 sections on skill, but two sections on the intangible aspects of a Player’s Level, such as “Soccer IQ” and “Hustle” are tested.

How many times have you noticed a player with less skill than your child getting more playing time, and having more influence on the game?

Motivate and separate

Our levels system motivates players to be recognized and allows our trainers to separate players into appropriate groups.

Two tools for parents were needed

The first one, we call the Baseline Assessment. It’s flexible, offered everyday and mandatory for new or returning players (from a semester’s absence). Results come with a designated wristband color and sublevel, for example: Level 2 Orange Ready.

The second one, is the more formal test, called the Total Performance Assessment. It is optional and only offered 9 times a year. The designated wristband color and sublevel will also come with a specific Total Performance (TP) Score (example: Level 2 Orange Ready, 61 points), as well as separate scores for 7 categories of performance. Think of it as a diagnostic tool for measuring progress on all fronts of performance, not just skill.

See below for the Avila Exclusive Level Scoring Guide, which is a scale (many years in the making) to help parents visually make sense of the results.

Level Scoring Guide5

Baseline Assessment


Total Performance Assessment

mandatory entry requirement for new players or returning after a semester’s absense not required, but useful in getting differential diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses
players join an existing class for trainers to obersve players schedule an in-depth assessment that covers 7 categories of expertise
can be scheduled daily throughout the semester only available 9 Saturdays a year, includes free consult
awarded an wristband and sublevel after assessment
(example: Level 2N Orange New)
awarded an wristband color, sublevel, and multiple varied scores for each of the seven categories tested, as well as an overall score
(A 2-page PDF of the results)
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Prepare for your TP Assessment

  • Categories by Level breaks down the points needed in order to pass a certain level
  • Scoring shows the maximum points a player can achieve
  • TPS Testing is a guide on how players will be tested on during exam day