What Level Are You?

At Avila, we’re big on recognizing and rewarding achievement so players are inspired to improve. Using a color-coded wristband system, players are assigned certain colors based on their most recent performance in multiple categories.

Evaluation Progression

Baseline vsvs TPS


Total Performance Survey

simple estimate to determine a player’s Game Level range

In-depth review of 9 aspects of a player’s performance

general starting point

pin-pointed starting point

rendered automatically when a player does a trial

rendered automatically during a player’s first official day

free evaluation

$20 mandatory charge after results delivered

results delivered within 24 hours via Avila App

results delivered within 24 hours via Avila App

About the Avila App

The Avila Soccer App is a revolutionary web-based system that brings our patrons and trainers together, creating a mechanism by which parents can monitor their child’s progress and see targeted areas for improvement.

Avila App Highlights

In-depth monitoring of a player's progress

Tracking a player's Emerging Habits (strengths and weaknesses)

Tracking player's awards and badges

Viewing, scheduling and canceling classes

Checking in to classes

Staying up to date on announcements and closures

Mandatory Account

Avila Soccer players may expect regularly gathered and recorded feedback about their soccer performance accessible through Avila App. Creating and maintaining your Avila App account is mandatory to train, schedule, receive performance feedback, and participate in this program.