Start of Avila Soccer

Coach Eryck Avila trains players privately, but on the banks of the Colorado River in Austin. Using everything he can find, like garbage bins as targets.


First Location

Anderson Mill became the first location lease to be signed. Avila opened it’s doors with 39 players, among them were world-class talent. Within 3 weeks, there were 80 players enrolled (as luck would have it, it rained for first 3 weeks straight contributing to the trend).


Reverse Process Rhythm

Introduction of RPR (Reverse Process Rhythm), invented by Coach Eryck Avila as the cornerstone of the Avila Method. Avila signature drills are standardized and catalouged.


All-you-can-train Camp

Avila modern day All-You-Can-Train Summer Camp format is introduced. Allows players to immerse themselves daily versus conventional one week-long camps that fall short. With that idea, that mastery of soccer happens one day at a time over a long period time.


Scrimmage Classes

First Scrimmage Classes with Avila-Certified trainers injected into the matches are offered. Teaching The art of possession and fundamentals of spacing are emphasized as the main and sole objective of the program.


Shooting Mechanics

Shooting Mechanics became the first Specialty Class developed. It would be the first crossover Avila product attracting kids from many soccer clubs establishing Avila Soccer as the local soccer home for the greater Austin area.


Specialty Classes

Avila standardizes over 10 signature Specialty Classes, and splits all normal training sessions into General and Specialty Classes. A duality is therefore introduced, all players get a “dynamic feels like real soccer” session as well as a sports science session where we use the entire time to deconstruct one difficult skill into it’s phases and elements using mechanical principles.


Play Brilliantly

Adopts formal title “Avila Creative Soccer” and “Play Brilliantly” as it’s brand message, and a formal boiler plate is standardized.


Golden Ticket

Avila’s first-ever elite scrimmage program, known as Golden Ticket, is unveiled through a postal mailing campaign. It’s success supports the Avila vision of how small-sided games can help players on the big field.


Second Location

A second location in Lakeway opens in March. The grand opening features world’s first ever, kick-painted mural. First Avila players gain international accolades.


Contract with Local Clubs

Local soccer clubs begin contract with Avila Soccer to train their youth players indoors at Avila Soccer facilities once a week while in season.


Third Location

Third Avila Soccer facility in Round Rock opens. Avila Coat of Arms introduced (Light Spirit Faith). Standardization of Universal Schedule at all three facilities.


Dress Code

Avila training shirt introduced as part of player dress code. Players allowed to wear their own shorts and socks to maintain individuality.


Performance Assessments

Long-awaited Avila Soccer Performance Assessment is designed and introduced, along with Performance Assessment recognition system (players wear colored armbands to denote their level).


Train & Apply

Avila adapts “Train and Apply” as a core theme, central to it’s model. Offering easy access to Avila Scrimmages for kids involved in Avila Skills Training.


Unforced Error Ratio

Using a color-coded wristband system, we figured out that by measuring unforced errors we could help players become aware of how well they’re working with others – which in our book supersedes winning and scoring goals. Plain and simple.


Fourth Location

Fourth location opens in August on South Congress, Austin. Introduction of mandatory Baseline Assessments to better identify players’ levels early. Integrated Level-Point system into weekly scrimmages to monitor dips and peaks in performance.


Avila Distance Learning Platform

Avila Soccer introduces an online platform for distance learning classes, including the “Move by Move” series of vintage Avila Spin Moves, and begins the development of a performance app/operating system.


Predictive Momentum Scale

Avila invents the Predictive Momentum, indexing a player’s overall ability to anticipate what will happen, specifically their ability to know where the ball will travel next and or where they should go next. This is commonly referred to as reading the play.


Theoretical Model of Avila's Soccer IQ

Avila presents a theory for sequence needed for the development of creative players beginning with Scan Frequency, Skill, Awareness, Intuition, Predictive Momentum, and Soccer IQ.


Avila App

After three years, the Avila App is launched–a proprietary software functioning as the Avila operating system, also used for tracking player progress creating a mechanism by which parents can monitor their child’s progress and see targeted areas for improvement.