Fall Train & Apply

The combo that's proven to work

With the Avila Train & Apply program, you get a combination of our two most popular programs–Max Plan and Scrimmaging. Your child can get unlimited, daily Skills training and apply the creative skills they learned to a once-a-week Scrimmage, so they can experience optimal parameters of development.

Daily Skills Training

Includes an assortment of skills classes like Shooting, Juggling, Passing, Dribbling, and more

Once a week Scrimmage

Focused on tactical training, teaching players to work as a unit using a 4v4 format

Train & Apply Program Details

Programs included

Fall Max Plan

  • unlimited skills training for all kids in the family who can attend the afternoon schedule (4:15 PM through 7:15 PM only), morning schedule/adult classes not included


  • requires a full semester commitment
  • one child gets weekly scrimmage for a 4-month duration
  • can add an additional scrimmage for $150
    • either for the same child or an extra sibling
    • extra scrimmage can not be on the same day
    • can only be added at the time of purchase

Fall Semester

4 months of training. Starts as early as August 28th

Note: On-going open registrations throughout the school year. You still get 4 months if you sign up after the first possible start date.


$550 Anderson Mill
$550 Round Rock
$575 South Austin
$650 Lakeway

$150 for an extra scrimmage (can only be added at the time of purchase)

Financing available. For details, call Coach Eryck at 512.924.5715

Purchase & Sign-up

If you decide our programs are right for your child, click the links below to get started.

Add an extra Scrimmage $150

Can be added for another sibling or a second scrimmage for the same player

The extra scrimmage add-on may only be added at the time of Train & Apply or Scrimmage Package purchase, it may not be purchased on its own. Otherwise, another full scrimmage semester must be added at $450. The extra Scrimmage can not be on the same day as the first Scrimmage.

Prefer just one of the Fall Programs? Head on over to Fall Max Plan or Scrimmaging to purchase just one of these.