Spring Schedule

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Fall Specialty Skills Schedule

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September 24-28
Mon, Sep 24 –  Shooting Mechanics
Tues, Sep 25 – Dribbling
Wed, Sep 26 – Defending
Thu, Sep 27 – Juggling
Fri, Sep 28 –  High-Ball Trapping
October 1-5
Mon, Oct 1 –  Dribbling
Tues, Oct 2 – Shooting Mechanics
Wed, Oct 3 –  High-Ball Trapping
Thu ,Oct 4 –  Passing & Receiving
Fri, Oct 5 –  Defending 
October 9-12
Tues, Oct 9 – Tactical Awareness
Wed, Oct 10 – Shooting Mechanics
Thu, Oct 11 –  Soccer Golf
Fri, Oct 12- Nutmegging
October 15-19
Mon, Oct 15 –  Soccer Tennis
Tues, Oct 16 – Penalty Kicks
Wed, Oct 17 –  Dribbling
Thu, Oct 18 – Shooting Mechanics
Fri, Oct 19 – High-Ball Trapping
October 22-26
Mon, Oct 22 –  Defending
Tues, Oct 23 – Passing & Receiving
Wed, Oct 24 – Juggling
Thu, Oct 25 – Tactical Awareness
Fri, Oct 26 –  Shooting Mechanics
October 29-30
Mon, Oct 29 – Shooting Mechanics
Tues, Oct 30 – Bicycle & Specialty Kicks
November 1-2
Thu, Nov 1 –  Dribbling
Fri, Nov 2 – Shooting Mechanics
November 5-9
Mon, Nov 5 –  High-Ball Trapping
Tue, Nov 6 –  Passing & Receiving
Wed, Nov 7 –  Defending
Thu, Nov 8 – Shooting Mechanics
Fri, Nov 9 – Tactical Awareness
November 12-16
Mon, Nov 12 –  Shooting Mechanics
Tues, Nov 13 – Soccer Golf
Wed, Nov 14 – Nutmegging
Thu, Nov 15 – Soccer Tennis
Fri, Nov 16 –  Penalty Kicks
November 19-21
Mon, Nov 19 –  Dribbling
Tues, Nov 20 – Shooting Mechanics
Wed, Nov 21 –  High-Ball Trapping
November 26-30
Mon, Nov 26 – Tactical Awareness
Tue, Nov 27 – Juggling
Wed, Nov 28 – Shooting Mechanics
Thu, Nov 29- Bicycle & Specialty Kicks
Fri, Nov 30 – Soccer Tennis
December 3-7
Mon, Dec 3 – Juggling
Tue, Dec 4 – Shooting Mechanics
Wed, Dec 5- Bicycle & Specialty Kicks
Thu, Dec 6 – Soccer Tennis
Fri, Dec 7 – Dribbling
December 10-14
Mon, Dec 10 – Juggling
Tue, Dec 11 –  High-Ball Trapping
Wed, Dec 12 –  Passing & Receiving
Thu, Dec 13 –  Defending
Fri, Dec 14 – Shooting Mechanics
December 17-21
Mon, Dec 17 – Tactical Awareness
Tue, Dec 18 – Shooting Mechanics
Wed, Dec 19 – Soccer Golf
Thu, Dec 20 – Nutmegging
Fri, Dec 21 – Soccer Tennis
December 26-28
Mon, Dec 26 – Penalty Kicks
Tue, Dec 27 – Dribbling
Wed, Dec 28 – Shooting Mechanics

Spring Schedule

January 2–May 12, 2023*

To RSVP for the classes you want, text the following to 512.710.6406:

  • Full Name
  • Days/Times of Specialty Skills Classes attending

Text 512.710.6406 to RSVP

Specialty Skills Class
Available with:

  • Spring Max Plan
  • Spring Train & Apply
  • Winter Immersion (through March 1st)
  • One Year Package

Speed & Agility Warm-up

included in some Specialty Skills Classes

Core Strength Warm-up

included in some Specialty Skills Classes

Apply Time

included in all Specialty Skills Classes

A mini scrimmage often at the end of skills sessions for players to apply what they have learned in a game-like scenario. This is especially helpful for players who are not in the “Train and Apply” program, eg they do not have a formal scrimmage at Avila each week. Whether to include Apply Time at the end of a skills session is left to trainer’s discretion.
Available with:

  • Spring Scrimmaging
  • Spring Train & Apply
  • Winter Scrimmage Matches (through March 1st)
  • One Year Package

*The schedule will be modified on March 11-19 to accommodate the Spring Break Schedule (includes morning classes). There will also be no scrimmage classes at this time.

Sample Schedules

Sample Schedule #1

A young enthusiastic player interested not just in skills, but in improving their performance in an actual game (they may already be on a soccer team).

Player: Mia

Age: 5 years old

Program purchased: Train & Apply

In this situation, the sample schedule highlights how Mia, a young player who loves soccer, wants the ability to come in an age-appropriate group as their schedule permits (on a daily basis if they prefer). In addition, she gets the chance to pull it all together in a Scrimmage Class once a week, which is scheduled earlier in the day at 5:45 pm–a time slot which is contiguous with their regular skills training.

Sample Schedule #2

2 kids of different commitment levels–one with greater interest than the other

Players: Siblings Jack and Jill

Ages: Jack (10), Jill (6) years old

Program purchased: Train & Apply

This is a common scenario in which one of your kids may be a bit older and a little more committed. This sample schedule displays how both Jack and Jill get the ability to train throughout the week in an age-appropriate time slot (as their schedule permits). Jack also gets the once-a-week scrimmage class, which is a chance for them to have a reality check and see how they are pulling things together on a regular basis in a more realistic situation.

Sample Schedule #3

Family with multiple kids who need a flexible soccer skills resource, one that helps in a targeted way.

Players: Siblings Luke, Owen and Andrew

Ages: Luke (5), Owen (9), Andrew (13) years old

Program purchased: Max Plan

Players improve at their own pace, in their own unique way by taking advantage of a flexible schedule. If you were purchasing the Max Plan for just one player, it's fair to say that the program has a low price point for the entire semester–especially if you consider that the average semester is 4 months. The Max Plan is actually a family plan too, so the savings are compounded. In other words, whether you have one, two, three or more kids, you still only pay one low price that includes all of them. You'll notice that the 8-11 and 12-16 age bracket are displayed on the sample schedule at the same time throughout the week, although they wouldn't be training together per se.  This makes scheduling easier and so much more convenient for a parent, logistically speaking.