We're The XPL, a new breed of soccer league

Join Austin-area clubs as they give their players a great head start – an indoor soccer league for 6-8 year olds structured to help players develop Soccer IQ

Possession style of play

Small-sided 4v4 matches with emphasis on Soccer IQ and teaching players to read the game better

XPL trainers injected into games

One on each team, playing alongside players to offer quick corrections and encouragement

Instant feedback on performance

Parents receive performance feedback 10 minutes after each game, delivered through an app

Indoor soccer fields

Players train in climate-controlled turf fields, away from the elements

Exclusive Prep League

Join us this summer for a new breed of soccer league – exclusively focused on Soccer IQ where the matches themselves feature both the convention of a game and the development mechanism of a practice. A league featuring built-in rules specially curated to teach players to think. Each team plays 8 of these special matches including a playoff on climate-controlled indoor fields, now with FIFA-certified turf.

The Exclusive Prep League (XPL) combines the high stakes excitement of promotion and relegation – with the benefits of a team practice atmosphere. Instead of referees, highly skilled XPL-certified trainers are injected directly into the  matches (one on each team) actually playing along side each player and offering constant quick commentary and encouragement.

The coaches switch teams at half time to maintain a spirit of neutrality and perspective. And, something magical happens when coaches actually get down in the trenches and compete alongside athletes – they learn the majesty of each and every player. This is why time is allotted directly after each match for them to provide player feedback. With XPL, parents can expect performance analytics delivered in a variety of graphical formats via Avila App within 10 minutes after each game.

League Details


June 8 – July 28, 2024
Saturdays and Sundays only
8 matches played per team


40-minute matches
Start times at 9a, 10a, 11a, 12n

Age Brackets

6 – 8 year olds
Boys & Girls Division
8 players/team

Cost & Fees


Annual League Fee included
Coaches/Ref Fees included
Field Rental for Games included

How to apply for membership

Read requirements

Read and understand commitments in the Membership Requirements sectioon

Submit application

Fill out an application and pay a non-refundable processing fee of $50

Receive application result

If accepted, a Membership Agreement would need to be signed and a one-time new member fee of $150 must be paid

League Links

4v4 Small-Sided Games History

Nurturing Dutch concepts to maximize player development, the XPL spawns from a Dutch philosophy that has germinated itself in Spanish soccer, and recently seeding continuous success for one of the greatest English clubs in the world, Manchester City. In 1985, the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) began formal research into the development of creative players, and found that creativity was nurtured by the game itself—as kids were free to try their own solutions to problems presented.

This realization led them to introduce 4v4 training. This new format, they believed, was the smallest way of playing the game without losing the essentials of soccer. There are always possibilities to play deep, wide or backwards, and players are constantly confronted with true match situations.

The XPL uses a 4v4 format too and builds on these proven foundational concepts by using an indoor field—its four walls and perfect playing surface–force quicker reactions and foster creativity. By injecting the rule that “everyone has to touch the ball before the they can score,” quality of play is improved. What results is an opportunity to develop amid competition, something typical leagues aren’t able to offer.

The first XPL league was played at Lakeway, Texas in the summer of 2010, inspired by the idea that a paradigm shift away from conventional youth soccer leagues has been needed for a long time because the core fundamental challenge of playing great soccer is not the mastery of skill or physical fitness, but the awareness and adjustment of ones spacing.

This summer beat the heat and make player growth the priority. Be part of our 4v4 player development revolution by joining the new breed of soccer league–Exclusive Prep League.