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Avila Soccer is committed to safeguarding the health of our players, trainers and staff. As we monitor Covid-19, we want to keep you informed about what Avila Soccer is doing to prevent the spread in our facilities. We will be implementing summer protocols for attending classes (Updated: June 22nd, 1:20 pm).

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Per city order, protective masks are now required to enter Avila facilities

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Slide Read more The Avila Paradigm Slide Read more Total Performance Score Slide Read more Customized Curriculum Slide Read more Avila's Coat of Arms Slide In effect, it is the Zen of Soccer. -Peter Smith (Coach Eryck's Dad) Join my son in his mission to develop creative players! So, if you are ready to move beyond the accepted rules of training and focus on developing creative soccer awareness, Avila Soccer is your introduction to a new level of skills performance. The Zen of Soccer Creativity in soccer is the union of consciousness and athletic ability. The key concept is Awareness; it is central to the Avila Method. Awareness is both mental and physical; it is instinct combined with insight. It is the ability to move to the right place physically and mentally in a combined motion.
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