Summer Scrimmaging

Beam Your Game Up

Summer Scrimmaging 2023

They say space is the final frontier. Down here on the field it turns out, can feel alien too. That’s because the core fundamental challenge of playing great soccer is not the mastery of skill or physical fitness, but the awareness and adjustment of one’s spacing. Scrimmage is the key. Scrimmaging at Avila is your spaceship! Whereas typical off-season leagues are like UFO’s. Our goals will always be identifiable:

  • off-the-ball Movement will be emphasized
  • position-specific techniques will be explained with laser focus
  • players will be taught to work as a unit

This Summer, sprinkle stardust on your child’s game and bring the universe to their feet!

scrimmage program

The brilliance is in the personal attention format–using a unique 4v4 structure in which each team includes three on-field players and a certified Avila trainer (one on each team) for real-time, in-match instruction and correction.

Summer '23 Shirts

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May 30–August 4, 2023
10 once-a-week scrimmages


$350 per player
Yes, this price does include the entire summer!

Packages and Add-ons


Anderson Mill
Round Rock
South Austin


Level 1: Blue
Level 2: Orange
Level 3: Green
Level 4: Gold
Level 5: Black

All players must take mandatory Level Exam 

Enhance your Summer Scrimmage with a package or add-on

Summer Train & Apply
Combination of Summer Camp and Scrimmaging with a bonus of Speed & Agility

Summer Speed & Agility
$50 for the entire summer

Shooting Mechanics Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)

Play Better Immediately Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)