Summer Scrimmaging

The Ethereal Awaits: Summer Scrimmaging 2021

Typical off-season leagues give players the opportunity to compete and avoid rust, but do little to prepare them for the upcoming season. There is nothing more empowering for a player than their own ethereal display on game day – for you – when it counts. The thing is, clouds of doubt hide the ethereal realm. Some players never find “their game.” That special place which is the union of instinct combined with insight. That’s why our Summer Scrimmaging program is so important, because it cuts through the haze with the visor and glasses of challenging competition and focused tactical development.

The magic is in the personal attention format–using a unique 4v4 structure in which each team includes three on-field players and a certified Avila trainer playing too (that’s 2 trainers for 6 players). Our Scrimmages help maximize the off-season by introducing real-time, in-match instruction and correction.

If you’re ready to move beyond the excepted rules of training and focus on developing creative soccer awareness, Summer Scrimmaging 2021 is your introduction to a new level of performance. The ethereal awaits.

Many players miss chances to make the “big play” because they need training on how to assert their speed and skill. The best way to improve is by learning tactical awareness in a 4v4 environment—small enough for each player to get many touches on the ball, yet not so large that they can remain idle.

But unlike a school teacher, a coach cannot simply collect a child’s notebook, review mistakes, then correct them with red ink. In the absence of a permanent record, a coach’s best tool is to quickly correct players as they make tactical mistakes in real time.

This summer, in the Avila-Exclusive Scrimmage Program, we’ll be injecting Avila trainers into the actual games, where they can direct players on the spot—not just verbally but also through their own soccer skill, amplifying their ability to teach. Add four walls that quicken the pace of play, and what you get is an off-season where competition is synonymous with development.

We hope you and your child take advantage of these scrimmages this summer. It’s gonna be Monster.

—Coach Eryck

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June 1–August 6, 2021
10 once a week scrimmages


$299 per player
Yes, this price does include the entire summer!

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Anderson Mill
Round Rock
South Austin


Level 1: Blue
Level 2: Orange
Level 3: Green
Level 4: Gold
Level 5: Black

All players must take mandatory Level Exam 

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Summer Train & Apply
Combination of Summer Camp, Scrimmaging and Speed & Agility

Summer Speed & Agility
$50 for the entire summer

Shooting Mechanics Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)

Play Better Immediately Clinic
$50 (Reg. $199 if purchased alone)


Get on a Scrimmage Group

1. View available Scrimmages

2. Estimate your Avila level
*You don't have to wait for a Baseline result before getting placed on a Scrimmage group, estimate your level using the link below.

3. Provide us with your preferred day/time/location based on age, level and availability by filling out a form.

You'll receive a confirmation with either your preferred scrimmage group (if available and eligible) or alternative scrimmage options. Once a scrimmage group is agreed upon, it will be your group for the semester.

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Purchase and schedule a Baseline Assessment, if needed

Players will be assigned a wristband based on the result of their Baseline Assessment (or existing level). The initial wristband will be given for free and must be worn every time players come to Avila or they will not be allowed to train. If players forget their wristbands, a new one will be assigned at the cost of $2 (a text confirmation will be sent).

Mandatory Baseline Assessments

All new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence must schedule and purchase the mandatory $10 Baseline Assessment fee (free on the One-Year Package).

Continuing players don't need to purchase or schedule a Baseline Assessment.

Purchase your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

Schedule your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence