Are you wanting to improve your child’s soccer skills? If so, this specially discounted indoor program arranged by NASA at the Avila Soccer Facility of your choice is for you! It’s an amazing opportunity to get your child some extra skills attention each week. This high-quality training program uses the Avila Method™, a unique methodology tailored to the needs of young athletes. The use of a small indoor turf allows maximum action, quickens the pace of training, forces development of reaction skills, and encourages creativity.

Training will consist of age-appropriate Specialty Skills sessions during a 10-week duration. August 30th–November 6th. Players can attend Monday–Friday using the schedule below and up to 40 sessions. (Typically, patrons participate in two 45 minute sessions in a row for a total of 1.5 hours per visit).

View the Fall schedule below and see the clever ways players will participate in fitness warm-ups and Apply Time too.

Specialty Skills Class
Speed & Agility Warm-up

included in some Specialty Skills Classes

Core Strength Warm-up

included in some Specialty Skills Classes

Apply Time

included in all Specialty Skills Classes

A mini scrimmage often at the end of skills sessions for players to apply what they have learned in a game-like scenario. This is especially helpful for players who are not in the “Train and Apply” program, eg they do not have a formal scrimmage at Avila each week. Whether to include Apply Time at the end of a skills session is left to trainer’s discretion.

Choose classes as your schedule permits. One week–do less, the next–stack up and come every day. Players are allowed up to 40 sessions (typically 20 visits), which is an average of twice a week for a 10-week program. The program is open to any NASA player, ages 4-18.

Sign up for Specialty Skills Classes

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What's included?

Avila Soccer Specialty Skills Classes

  • 40 Age-appropriate Specialty Skills Classes (Ages 4-7 or 8-11, 12-16)
  • Emphasis on deconstructing multiple skill sets
  • Heart rate is up with ball
  • Interactive – players must execute their part in the drill, or it breaks down
  • Dynamic thinking and improvisation – Apply Time
  • Warm-ups include Speed & Agility and Core Strength training


  • Baseline Assessment included for FREE (reg. cost $10)
  • Get Avila’s Winter Break Camp for FREE (reg. cost $125)
  • $100 off Fall Max Plan or Fall Train & Apply (reg. cost $400-600; call 512.710.6406 to purchase)
  • open to siblings who may not play at NASA

Program Details


  • Specialty Skills Classes: 40 sessions (20 visits)
  • Baseline Assessment included
  • Avila’s Winter Break Camp included



This special offer can not be used retroactively


Players can mix and match locations, meaning they can use their 40 sessions in any of the 4 Avila locations:

  • Anderson Mill
  • Lakeway
  • Round Rock
  • South Austin


  • Monday-Friday
  • use up to 40 sessions (20 visits)
  • anytime from August 30–November 6

Times & Age Groups

  • 4:15 PM: Ages 4-7
  • 5:00 PM: Ages 4-7
  • 5:45 PM: Ages 8-11, 12-16
  • 6:30 PM: Ages 8-11, 12-16

Must know for Avila Classes

How to sign-up

1. Purchase the program

2. Schedule your Baseline Assessment

The Baseline Assessment is the initial entry requirement to Avila Soccer. All players, are required to take the take the assessment. The fee is waived but players must schedule their assessments either before or on the first day of their training. The purpose of the Baseline Assessment is to assign an wristband to the player.

Baseline Assessments occur during normal Skills classes at Avila Soccer, it does not have to be scheduled separately from the Skills class.

3. Read up on important information about Avila Classes

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