Baseline Assessment

What is a Baseline?

A Baseline is a player’s general starting point – an estimation of a player’s Game Level range.

The Baseline Assessment

The Baseline Assessment is a free initial assessment designed to estimate a player’s starting Game Level range. This is then used to assign a wristband to the player. The assessment will be rendered automatically for:

  • players doing a trial
  • new players on their first day who have purchased a program
  • returning players’ first day after skipping a semester

Scheduling a Baseline Assessment is not necessary. However, if players are involved in a scrimmage program, it is prudent to schedule a Baseline Assessment well ahead of the first scrimmage session. This will ensure getting rostered in the correct scrimmage based on age and level.

Color-coded wristbands at Avila are used to:

  • recognize or reward achievement
  • help the trainers instantly group players with similarly experienced players
  • inspire players to improve through a pathway
  • create scrimmage groups based on level


1. Purchase and schedule your Baseline Assessment

Mandatory Baseline Assessments

All new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence must schedule and purchase the mandatory $10 Baseline Assessment fee (free on the One-Year Package).

Continuing players don't need to purchase or schedule a Baseline Assessment.

Purchase your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

Schedule your Baseline Assessment

New players/players that have never been assessed

Players returning after a semester's absence

Schedule according to your age group

Available from Mon-Fri at any Avila location

Fall & Spring Semester

4:15 PM 5:00 PM 5:45 PM 6:30 PM
Ages 4-7 Ages 4-7 Ages 8-11, Ages 12-16 Ages 8-11, Ages 12-16

Summer Semester

There are no Baseline Assessments from May 14-30, 2022. Facilities are closed. Please schedule from June 6th onwards.
Ages 4-7 Ages 8-11, 12-16
10:15 AM 11:45 AM
10:45 AM 12:15 PM
11:15 AM 12:45 PM
4:15 PM 1:15 PM
4:45 PM 1:45 PM
5:15 PM 2:15 PM
5:45 PM
6:15 PM
6:45 PM

Baseline Assessments occur during normal Skills classes at Avila Soccer, it does not have to be scheduled separately from the Skills class.

2. Show up to your scheduled assessment

Arrive a few minutes early and let the trainer know you are there for a Baseline Assessment.

*The player will be joining a scheduled class with other Avila players. The assessment is simple and efficient, where Avila trainers can simultaneously render an assessment without interfering with the scheduled class. While the assessment doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, the player is encouraged to stay for the entire 30 or 45-minute class.

Criteria used for the Baseline Assessment
(An Avila trainer will use 3 of the ten below)

  1. Observe the player scrimmage with either a coach or another player in a small sided game
  2. Observe the player’s warm up
  3. Passing back and forth – instead of checking for just technique, we check for comfort level and consistency. It’s not a differential diagnosis on passing technique, but rather an estimation of how likely the player is to connect a pass regardless of how they do it
  4. Ask the player to perform moves or dribbling tricks
  5. Ask the player to juggle
  6. Ask the player to pass and move with the coach, keeping possession as they both move
  7. Observe the player’s rotary momentum (ability to turn their hips)
  8. Observe trapping/receiving while in motion and the ability to redirect the ball while doing so
  9. Ask player to take a few shots
  10. Show the player a new skill and see how quickly they get it

Baseline Assessment Retest Notes

Reasons for retesting:

  • Player feels they are ready and have noticed progress
  • Player disagreed with previous results
  • Player was close to the next level and wants to see if they have reached it
  • Player has been absent for a semester and needs to reestablish their level (mandatory)

3. Results

The Baseline Assessment result will be given to you the same day. The arm band color you’ll be awarded is an estimation of your range.

The player may now be able to join any purchased programs according to their age and level.

You will not receive a specific score, only the wristband color and sublevel (example, Green New Level 2N). It is not a differential diagnosis. However, if you’d like to learn more about how you can receive a specific score and how to improve it (which is extremely useful), consider signing up for the TPS (Total Performance score). The TPS Assessment is of course optional.

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Baseline Assessment FAQs

Yes, all new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester's absence are required to purchase and schedule the Baseline Assessment.

The Baseline Assessment fee is $10.

The assessment doesn't take more than 5 minutes, but players are encouraged to stay for the entire 45-minute class.

No, your child will be attending a regular scheduled class with existing Avila players. The trainers can render the assessment simultaneously without interfering with the scheduled class.

Results will be given the same day via email.

Yes, players can start a purchased program after the assessment according to their age and level.

We welcome as always, new players to come participate in a free trial (a free trial does not come with the Baseline Assessment). So to be clear, a player may choose to do a free trial at Avila but that will not give them their Baseline Assessment required to begin a program. The trial is just a chance for the player to cultivate a sense of the live event and see if this is a high value program that they would enjoy and benefit from. There is of course the option to schedule and purchase the Baseline Assessment to happen during the free trial if the potential new player finds that to be convenient.