Summer Play Better Immediately Clinic

“How can any soccer player, no matter what their level, see an immediate improvement in performance after just one lesson?”

That’s a question Coach Avila set out to answer many years ago with the help of his professors at the United States Sports Academy. After much analysis and dedication, this unprecedented class curriculum was developed. It mixes an academic and motor skills approach with tried and proven signature Avila drills designed to teach clarity, assertiveness and tactical decision-making. So if your child has what it takes but isn’t getting results, Play Better Immediately Class will get through to them.

Curriculum includes

pbic vid analysis
pbic vintage drills
pbic blackboard
pbic onfield app
pbic rev pos spec
pbic avila method
pbic social
pbic trans grid

Who would benefit from this Clinic?

pbic 1

Players who are too pedestrian in their approach to the game

pbic 2

Players who don’t get the ball enough throughout the game

pbic 3

Players who want to get more playing time

pbic 4

Elite players who have skill but perhaps are not extremely speedy

pbic 5

Players who engage in “social loafing” that is not stepping up but instead falling back and letting others make the big plays

pbic 6

Players who want to help their team win through setting themselves up for goal and their teammates

Program Details


Only happens once a year during Summer
Next clinic: Saturday, July 13, 2024


$199 Spots limited
Only $124 if purchased by 5/31/2024

Summer Deals

Only $50 if purchased as an add-on:
Summer Camp or Summer Train & Apply


Avila Soccer - Round Rock


Choose from the following:

Saturday, July 13
3:30-5:00 PM | Blue, Orange | Ages 4-7, 8-11
5:00-6:30 PM | Blue, Orange, Green, Gold, Black | Ages 8-11, 12-16

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Only $124 if purchased by May 31st (Reg. $199)

All clinic purchases are final sales. No refunds but it is possible to get a refund if asked for 48 hours before the clinic.