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Move by Move

Inspired by kids across the nation who were at home due to shelter-in-place orders, we decided to open our vault and the imaginations of many, who perhaps for a long time felt something new was needed.

We developed an online platform for remote learning, where players can pick the exact fun Avila move they like for as little as $30 – moves originated at Avila Soccer. Knowing that team practices are fraught with boring and mundane skills training, we thought it was time to share ones designed purely for the beauty.

This dear to our brand series of absolute gems, divulges key bullet points to 12 of our signature moves and combinations (plus bonus footage). It represents a chance to glimpse, move by move,  the creative world of Avila Methodology though some of our most gorgeous moves. If you are still stir crazy at home, and feeling socially isolated, or simply want to fan the flames of your soccer creativity, these mini, one of a kind online workshops may be the just remote remedy your kid needs.

Class Options

Online class through Google Meet

Online Private Lesson

Interact one-on-one

  • $30/move
  • 25-minute online class
  • Class and tutorial will be from the Move by Move Series
  • One-on-one interaction with an Avila trainer for a specific move
  • Flexible scheduling options

Move by Move Buddies

Up to 5 friends

  • $50/move
  • 25-minute online class
  • Class and tutorial will be from the Move by Move Series
  • Up to 5 friends can do a class for a specific move together
  • Flexible scheduling options

Avila Online Friends

Customized class for up to 5 friends

  • 60-minute online class
  • $75/hour
  • Customize a class to strengthen core fundamentals while addressing areas for improvement
  • Up to 5 friends can do this class together
  • Flexible scheduling options

Mighty Moves

$300 ($60 savings)

  • Get all 12 Move by Move 1-on-1 Online Private Lessons
  • FREE move to include a friend (choose from any of the 12 Move by Move one-on-one series, a $30 value)
  • FREE classes – Cranky Ankle and Grasshopper

4 Simple Steps

1. Pick the video(s) that inspire you most

There are 15 amazing moves available »

2. Purchase single moves or packages

Players can do a one-on-one Private Lesson or do a group lesson with friends

3. Schedule a class

Send the following information to 512.710.6406 – player’s name/s, the move(s) purchased and preferred day and time.

4. Send video for feedback (optional)

Get a sports science perspective feedback »

Tips for taking an online soccer lesson

The online classes will be held through Google Meet. Make sure to use the Google Chrome browser or have it installed ahead of time.
Turn off your microphones when joining class so everyone can hear the trainer clearly
The ideal space would be a 10’x10′ grass or flat surface with a wall or net. The wall or net is not required, but it could be helpful so players don’t have to chase the ball too far
Mark your space with cones or painter’s tape so the player knows how much of him/her is in camera view. This would be helpful as trainers can make adjustments if players are in view.
You may use your phone to follow along with the lessons, but a bigger screen like an iPad or a laptop would be better for viewing purposes.
If training in the backyard/outdoors, use wireless earphones or attach a speaker to the computer to be able to hear the trainers better.

How to join a Google Meeting

Stages of Training

Live Tutorials

This is a unique opportunity to help your young aspiring player take their ball control and confidence to a new level with this fun stylistic and compelling series hosted on Google Meet for a limited time.

Tired of the same moves? The same toe taps and ball brushes that were introduced here 40 years ago. Today, Soccer is a game that belongs to America too. Here in Austin, we thought it was high time to give the new generation new moves to practice. But this time, ones designed to be loved by the players themselves. Think of this series as a facelift of sorts to the plain step-overs and scissors that were introduced here in the 70’s to help American coaches and parents who had never played–teach their kids soccer.

Backyards be their canvas

Turn being at home into an opportunity to develop flair. The pressure that comes with competing  week in and week out, comes with an inevitable draw back–a massive lack of creativity. Normally, players  don’t have the time to just focus on aesthetically beautiful moves, the type that require the finesse of a brush stroke. So help your young aspiring soccer artist, the one who is always inventing a trick – to color by the number, MOVE BY MOVE step by step with this beautiful online series of Avila spins which will allow them to choose the exact move that inspires them and follow along with live tutorials from home.