Experience the Ultimate Summer Camp at Avila Creative Soccer

Experience the Ultimate Summer Camp at Avila Creative Soccer

Focused Skills Development

A core part of the Avila Creative Soccer summer camp are the specialty skills classes that focus on strengthening certain areas of a player’s game. This focus allows players to get help where they need it most and customize the training that they get during the summer camp. Because Avila Creative Soccer emphasizes creativity, trainers can help kids find their own unique style of play.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition During the Fall Soccer Season

Down time during the summer can put a player way off their game. Summer camps, like the one at Avila Creative Soccer, give your child extra playing time and focused instruction while the competition is taking a break. The results of your kid’s extra effort will definitely show on the field come the fall soccer season, so don’t be surprised if the fall coach notes how on top of things they are right out of the gate.

Stay Active During the Summer

Creating good habits at a young age is vital for people’s physical health throughout their life. A summer soccer camp will encourage kids to remain active in their off months rather than sinking into a long sedentary period.

Enjoy Time with Friends and Make a Few New Ones

Tired of seeing your kids get more interaction with the TV than anything else during the summer? A soccer camp gives kids the opportunity to hang out with other people that enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. Instead of zoning out to television shows they’ll be actively engaged and working on their social skills.

Help your kids stay active and get an edge on the competition this summer! There’s still time to get your soccer stars signed up and ensure they have a spot at the Avila Creative Soccer camp. For more information or to sign up your child, visit the summer soccer camp page.

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/mike_stoller

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