Total Performance Score

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The Avila Wristband Level measures the overall way a player performs in a game

Performance is more than just a skill. In 2004, we began asking “What is Performance?” Measuring a player’s competency would not be easy when one considers that so many players with superior skills often play poorly on game day. Today our signature assessment, years in the making, has 7 categories of expertise. 5 sections on skill, but two sections on the intangible aspects of a Player’s Level, such as “Soccer IQ” and “Hustle” are tested. How many times have you noticed a player with less skill than your child getting more playing time, and having more influence on the game?

Motivate and separate

Our levels system motivates players to be recognized and allows our trainers to separate players into appropriate groups.

A tool for parents was needed

The Total Performance Assessment. is optional and only offered 9 times a year. The designated wristband color and sublevel will also come with a specific Total Performance (TP) Score (example: Level 2 Orange Ready, 61 points), as well as separate scores for 7 categories of performance. Think of it as a diagnostic tool for measuring progress on all fronts of performance, not just skill.

See below for the Avila Exclusive Level Scoring Guide, which is a scale (many years in the making) to help parents visually make sense of the results.

Level Scoring Guide5

Scoring in an Avila Scrimmage

Players get their score by taking the Avila Performance Assessment. That will determine their Wristband Color. To test out in Gold (Level 4) or Black (Level 5), we move emphasis away from skill technique and more towards its application. Players must therefore be seen in an official Avila Scrimmage.

For many players, getting to the highest level is like putting together a puzzle with one piece missing. Adding in positive feedback about how they perform in real time (hence a scrimmage) can help the player see the total picture. Such feedback is especially useful from someone who has actually gotten in there and played with your young aspiring player. That is the Avila Soccer unique value proposition. That the Avila trainer actually scrimmaging with your child will be the one to score them too.

Something very special happens at Avila each day. The coaches play too, alongside the players.When coaches actually get down in the trenches and scrimmage, they get to know the majesty of your child. We have found that their feedback is invaluable because of the unique perspective they gain. So after each and every scrimmage, trainers record the scores of each player.

If you’d like to find out how your child scored in a particular scrimmage, please text 512.710.6406 with your child’s name and the location, date and time of his/her most recent scrimmage.