There are 7 categories of expertise we analyze during the Performance Assessment

Click on the links below for more information on how we score and test players in each category

Shooting Mechanics

Testing Shooting


Testing Dribbling

Passing & Distribution

Testing Passing Distribution

Players will pass the ball back-and-forth with the coach, against a wall, or with another player for 2 minutes while coaches decide the consistency of technique as well as if the players approximation of a pass is indeed in keeping with any of the 6 qualities we are looking for. One area that may stump players testing out is two-footedness, so be sure the technique is bilateral in its consistency.

*If players can not use both feet equally, a point will be subtracted from overall points.


Level 1-4

Conventional juggles only. Avila coaches will watch up to 2 minutes and help count. The player can also count out loud. The juggles must happen with the feet only alternating each touch.

Level 5 only

Same as conventional juggles from Level 1-4

Tennis Ball Juggles

-player must start juggle with ball on the ground
-may not use hands to lift the ball to start
-no more than 5 minutes allowed

Must demonstrate at least 2 Avila Juggling Tricks

Trapping & Receiving

Demonstrate trapping and receiving skills

High-ball Trapping

Elevator trapping

Outside of the foot

Inside of the foot

Trapping with sole


Receiving with both feet

Receiving and turning

Receiving and redirecting with one touch

Cradling the pass as it is received

Soccer IQ (Possession)

The 5 Unit Play Characteristics



Consistently shows proper passing techniques even though drills involve switching the point of attack while shifting body weight



Displays balance when running to open spaces by not leaning over too much and keeping upper body over feet



Rhythmically shows a bounce in one’s step as they both distribute and run to open spaces



Never is found to have delayed or hesitated in choosing to move to a new space



Understands how to shift with the trainer’s movements to maintain space that allows for triangles or passing lanes

The 5 Link-up Play Drills


No Look

No look pass using sole to trainer



Pass and overlap the trainer


Wall Pass

Perform a wall pass, run and receive your own wall pass, and back pass it to a trainer without stopping to settle the ball*



Create a triangle around a cone with a trainer at speed at least 3 times fast with no traps, all one touch*


Checking Away

Check away from trainer to create space, move into a new space, receive a pass on the run, then dribble to a new space and distribute the ball to the trainer who will also be in a new unpredictable space

For #8, 9 and 10, there are several Avila Soccer Drills for the trainer to choose from that would test out this aspect of Unit/Link-up Play. The trainer will explain the drill of their choice to the player at the time of the test.

Here are some videos of our best link-up play drills

Barcelona Drill

4-Man Drill

6-Man Drill


Demonstrate scrimmaging skills

  • Assertiveness or aggressiveness
  • Nose for the goal
  • Defensive posturing
  • Skill under pressure
  • Creativity and style

Players will first complete the other parts of the Performance Assessment. Once they are warmed up, they will play 1v1 against a trainer or in 2v2 situations with other players and a trainer.

With small goals placed on either end of the field, the game will end when one participant reaches either 3 or 5, which gives the trainer time to gather the information they need to render a scrimmage assessment score.