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10 Points

Predictive Momentum measures the player’s overall ability to anticipate what will happen, specifically their ability to know where the ball will travel next and or where they should go next. This is commonly referred to as reading the play and it turns out that this talent is also influenced by which direction the sequence is playing out. Based on the direction the play is going, players tend to have a bias in terms of how well they read the game.

Predictive Momentum aptitude is indexed in terms of direction or orientation, not just the overall score, as it is not monolithic. Meaning, there are components that may serve as an indicator of the player’s propensity for a particular position.


Up to 2 points each

Forward (Sagittal Plane)
Sideways (Transverse Plane)
Backwards (Reverse)

Players who score well in the following planes or orientations may gravitate towards playing the following positions:

Sagittal Plane


Aerial Plane

Stopper / Center Back


Outside Midfielder


Outside Defender

Transverse Plane

Center Midfielder

A great sense of Predictive Momentum is the prerequisite for having a great soccer IQ. The two measures should never be confused. The first is perception or anticipation, and the second is the expression of that knowledge gained. In other words, Soccer IQ comes next. It’s what the players decide to do (that will favor themselves or their team) with what they’re able to anticipate will happen.