Spring Train & Apply Package

Train Apply Spring
Two Components to Development

Truth be told, looking around the world at the best young players, we find that they first scrimmage, and only then–as the game itself keeps presenting options to them over and over– do they look for solutions in the form of skills.

Let's Use the Combo that is Proven to Work

With the Avila Train & Apply Package (Spring Package), your child will train all they want and apply the creative skills they learned to a Scrimmage once a week.

We Call it Train & Apply

We have combined our two most popular Avila programs, the Max Plan (unlimited skills training) and Scrimmaging at one low price, so that you and your creative player can experience optimal parameters of development.

  • train spring
  • Spring Max Plan
  • Players train all throughout the Spring
  • Focuses on skills training
  • Teach awareness of the unit by interactive drills
  • Assortment of specialized classes like Shooting Mechanics, Juggling, Passing & Receiving, Penalty Kicks and more
  • Fitness with the ball and confidence building
  • Up to 2 sessions daily: an age-appropriate Small Group class (Ages 4-7, 8-11 and 12-16)  and a Specialty Skills class
  • Regular price: $450 ($550 Lakeway) entire Spring
    Price includes all siblings
    (yes, we said all siblings!)
  • apply2
  • Scrimmaging
  • Apply Max Plan skills through Scrimmaging
  • Focuses on tactical training
  • Players work as a unit using a 4v4 format
  • Explain and break down scrimmage concepts like triangles, passing lanes and off-the-ball movement
  • Review position specific techniques
  • once-a-week scrimmages through Scrimmage Band or Golden Ticket (elite level of Scrimmage Band, must try out)
  • Regular Price: $500 entire Spring
    Price includes one player
    (can add sibling for additional $150)
Save 400
guest play Programs included
  • Spring Max Plan
  • Scrimmaging
    • Scrimmage Band OR 
    • Golden Ticket OR
    • 12-16 Scrimmaging w/ Skills

Scrimmaging requires a full
semester commitment

dollar sign

Purchase Spring Max Plan & Scrimmaging
together to get the Spring Train & Apply Package:
Total: $500 Anderson Mill & Round Rock
Total: $600 Lakeway


info black Note
The Spring Train & Apply Package (also called Spring Package)
is a combination of 2 programs:
• Spring Max Plan
    -unlimited skills training for all kids in the family
• Scrimmage Program
    -one kids gets weekly scrimmage for a 4-month duration
    -can add a sibling for an additional $150 (limited to one
extra sibling only)
upgrade TPSM Upgrades
Upgrade your program to the TPSM. Learn more »

TPSM Upgrade (Skills) - $100/player

TPSM Upgrade (Scrimmage) - $100/player

TPSM Upgrade (Skills + Scrimmage) - $150/player

TPSM Upgrade (Family) - $150/family (up to 4 kids)


If you decide our programs are right for your child, click the links below to get started

*After purchasing, please fill out this form to specify age, location, and level so we can place you in a group appropriately.



Reg. Price $550 (Anderson Mill, Round Rock); $650 (Lakeway)
Black Friday Price $400 (Anderson Mill, Round Rock); $500 (Lakeway)

Black Friday
Train & Apply Package
Anderson Mill
Black Friday
Train & Apply Package
Black Friday
Train & Apply Package
Round Rock


Upgrade your current Program

Upgrade your program with the Total Performance Score Monitoring. Learn more »

TPSM Upgrade


TPSM Upgrade


TPSM Upgrade
(Skills & Scrimmage)


TPSM Upgrade



• 4 Skills Progress Reports

• 4 Monthly Level Exams


• 4 Scrimmage Progress Reports

• 4 Monthly Level Exams


• 4 Scrimmage Progress Reports

• 4 Monthly Level Exams

• 4 Skills Progress Reports 

Each kid gets 2 choices:

• 4 Scrimmage Progress Reports

• 4 Monthly Level Exams

• 4 Skills Progress Reports

up to 4 kids only

TPSM Upgrade (Skills) TPSM Upgrade (Scrimmage) TPSM Upgrade (Skills & Scrimmage) TPSM Upgrade (Family)

Prefer just one of the Spring Programs?

Head on over to Spring Max Plan or Scrimmaging to purchase just one of these.

Option #1

Summer Skills Training Camp

Back by popular demand, our All-You-Can-Train Summer Camp entitles athletes to attend Avila Soccer everyday, Monday through Friday, for the entire summer in an age-appropriate group

$300 gets you an entire
summer of classes

Option #2

Summer Scrimmaging Camp

Level 1 - Beginner
Level 2 - True Beginner
Level 3 - Intermediate
Level 4 - Advanced Golden Ticket
Level 5 - Adv. Golden Tecket ECNL/Premier

$300 gets you 10 scrimmages -OR-
only $150 if purchased with Option #1

Option #3

Speed & Agility Camp

Speed & Agility pushes the cardio vascular system to help you gain explosive power. It provides an education for the beginner and is crucial supplement for the serious player

$50 gets you the entire summer -OR-
FREE when you purchase Options 1 & 2 together