Specialty Skills: Trapping & Receiving

Trapping & Receiving

One of our most crucial classes, Trapping & Receiving is the most underrated skill of all of them. That all elusive first touch is really evidence, judge and jury of how fast the synapses of sensory integration are really firing in our soccer brains!

High-ball Trapping

What goes up must come down with style. And while we’re at it, apply some of the mechanical laws of the universe too. High-ball Trapping requires precision technique and is perhaps the most underrated of all soccer skills, especially if your position is Center Back Defender. Yet, this class is a must for any player who has come to realize the truth–that the game is played in the air. That out of the air (before it makes landfall) is where an assertive player must first contact the ball. If you are bold enough to fight for it there, this class can teach you how.

First Touch Strategies

This is a class about thinking ahead while being present in the moment by paying meticulously attention to the reception of the ball. It’s about pre-meditating and setting oneself up, before the ball even arrives, to do the glorious, the amazing, the STRATEGIC thing your team needs from a leader.