Specialty Skills: Shooting

Shooting Mechanics

Shooting Mechanics specializes in shooting anatomy. We’ll deconstruct and review every aspect of shooting in detail: visualization, approach, plant foot positioning, setting the frame, angle of release, turning radius, rotary momentum, follow-through, and critical velocity.

Next, think mechanics, mechanics, mechanics–the same mechanical principles that govern the movements of all athletes. The same mechanics that NASA used to land a spacecraft on the moon timed to within a fraction of second!

Shooting Mechanics Video Guide

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shooting mechanics 1

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The class is conducted with shoes off so that our instructors can literally manipulate the metatarsals. In fact, much of the class doesn’t even involve the use of a soccer ball but instead focuses on pinpoint form. Every kid wants to score, give ’em a shot!

This class is for

Anyone who has never been shown proper shooting technique.
The player who passes instead of shoots in front of goal.
Players in pre-season or on vacation who have a gap of time.
Elite players who need to get 20-30 more yards on their shot distance.
Anyone who would like to score more on game day.

Additional Shooting Mechanics Videos

Shooting on the run

Scoring goals is not just a matter of Ready, Set, Go. You have to practice all three things together on the run if you are serious about putting the ball in the net!

Finishing Crosses

Finally a “finish” players enjoy (vegetables and homework excluded). From the acrobatic to the mundane, this class is for the true Center Forward who will be challenged every which way to convert a cross to a goal!

Bicycle/Specialty Kicks

A fun and inspirational class using a state of the art 12’’ thick dive mat, teaches secrets of specialty finishing including: bicycle (overhead) kicks, scissor kicks, banana kicks, in-swingers, corner kicks, and set pieces from outside the box!

Perfect Penalty Kicks

A class designed to guide players through the process and pressure associated with penalty kick taking. Everything from stepping up to volunteer for this high stakes moment to choosing the correct corner and technique and cadence is reviewed.

Free Kick Curving

Swerve it. Curve it. Spin it. Dip it. Players will learn the centrifugal force, the critical velocity, torque, and correct point of contact as well as other mechanical principles that make up the twisting forces required to cause rotation, and defy the laws of gravity and physics in pursuit of a golazo!

Corner Kicks

It’s not quite a shot, and it’s not quite a pass, yet you’re far in the corner on small patch of grass! This class details how to place that corner kick right between the upright sticks! Like poetry in motion!

Volley & Half Volleys

Sometimes you have to reach out for the ball bravely with a spirit of abandon, but there is a sure-fire technique for the brave who understand that connecting with the ball out of the air, before it lands, or at that awkward moment when it’s on its way up, is the only way to score. Volleys–the V stands for Victory!