Specialty Skills: Passing

Perfecting Aim

Trade secrets of pinpoint accuracy are revealed in this crucial class for players who struggle to get the ball on target and for those who want to take their range to the next level!

Soccer Golf

We really hit a hole in one with this fantastic specialty class.Soccer Golf is a fun, creative hybrid game we use to get players to improve their aim with a soccer ball. As with real golf, it takes but one swing to elicit a common reaction which is to immediately think, “wow, how hard this seemly simple task is.” And that is what we are after. Improved passing and distribution. Why? Because some of the best players are not even at the precognitive stage when it comes to this crucial part of the game. Aiming with this sort of laser focus is the point of Soccer Golf, to get players to think about how accurate they really could be with focus and applied technique.

In keeping with the spirit of this hybrid game, we create a miniature golf course complete with long range and short “putting distance” challenges for players to show their best kicks. This is a can’t miss class, and so much more than just par for the course!

Passing Mechanics

This staple of a class takes a sports science approach to the universal mechanical principles that govern all movement and meticulously deconstructs every aspect of the stroke path of a pass, including: the approach, plant foot position, point of contact, angle of release, vertical alignment and the follow-through! Don’t pass it up!


The original “monkey in the middle” drill, also known as a Rondo in soccer, is from before the time that formal soccer was even invented. So deserved to make it into our Avila Passing repertoire, since only the best passers excel at this timeless exercise!

Possession Play

This class is important because Possession is a type of genius that merits training and is a missing link for many players who often have the skill but don’t seem to gel with the “unit” well. At its core is the application quality passing through better Movement, Spacing, Distribution, Technique, and Connectivity, also known as the the 5 Pillars of Possession at Avila.