Avila Sampler


The Avila Sampler allows players to sample various Avila programs for 1 month. Perfect for those not sure of programs that is best suited for players. Together with you, the Avila Creative Soccer staff will work to customize a schedule that works for your child throughout the month, so that all the components of the program are fully utilized.

Only available to new players

Program Descriptions

1 Baseline Assessment

An initial entry requirement to Avila Soccer, mandatory for all new players, and for players who have skipped a semester.

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1 Shooting Select Class

An invite-only Shooting program with a 5:1 player-trainer ratio. This program is for players who want a serious improvement in their shooting form.

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2 Private Lessons

Offers custom development through 1-on-1 instruction from a trainer. In this class, players strengthen core fundamentals while addressing areas for improvement.

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2 Scrimmage Classes

Level-specific tactical program. Multiple position specific coaches will be on the field to deconstruct game situations.

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Unlimited Skills Classes

Players can choose from a wide array of Specialized Skills classes up to 1.5 hours daily as long as players are within their age group.

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The Avila Sampler is available during the Fall and Spring Semester only

Purchase the Avila Sampler

These packages can only be purchased once per player only during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

1 Month

Next steps after purchasing

1. Schedule your Baseline Assessment

2. Call or text 512-710-6406 to schedule your classes

Let an Avila staff know that you’ve purchased the Avila Sampler (1 month) so they can schedule the following classes:

  • (1) Shooting Select
  • (2) Private Lessons
  • (2) Scrimmage Classes

We can also make helpful suggestions about which Specialty classes best suited for you child

3. Attending classes

Show up to your scheduled classes (Shooting Select, Private Lessons and Scrimmage Classes).

You may attend up to 1.5 hours of skills training (4:15 PM – 7:30 PM) as long as you are in the correct age group. There is no need to sign-up for a class, but please make sure to check-in using the computer in the lobby prior to class.

4. Read How to get things done

Please read the How to get things done page, a guide on how to sign-up, attend classes, ask for make-ups and more.