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Team Training at Avila

Avila Creative Soccer offers a specially discounted training program for teams interested in augmenting their in-season training. This high quality weekly training program uses the Avila Method™, a unique methodology tailored to the needs of young athletes. The use of a small indoor turf allows maximum action, quickens the pace of training, forces development of reaction skills, and encourages creativity. We limit our role to training, working on skills and tactical awareness; leaving game-day responsibilities to a team’s coaches.

Teams can use this training day in lieu or in addition to one of their normal outdoor practice days. The team’s training will consist of a 45-minute skills class (the team will be joining fellow Avila players in a Specialty Skills class) followed by a 45-minute scrimmage class eclusive to the team. The entire team will also get Winter Camp for FREE!

Avila will accept a team if there is a minimum of 10 players and if there a is an available spot that’s open.

Specialty Skills Class

  • Assortment of specialized classes like Shooting Mechanics, Juggling, Passing & Receiving, Penalty Kicks and more
  • Specialty skills classes change every week
  • The team will be joining fellow Avila players in the Specialty Skills class


  • Focuses on tactical training
  • Teach players to work as a unit using a 4v4 format
  • Explain and break down concepts like triangles, passing lanes and off-the-ball movement
  • Review position specific techniques

Bonus: Free Winter Break Camp

  • Focuses on skills training
  • Up to 2 classes a day
    • 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
    • 1 Specialty Skills Class

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Programs included

Specialty Skills Class

  • once per week at 6:30 pm
  • September 3 – December 20, 2019

Scrimmaging Class

  • once a week at 7:15 pm
  • 10 once a week sessions
    •  June 3 – August 11, 2019

FREE: Winter Break Camp 

  • Up to 2 sessions daily:
    • 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
    • 1 Specialty Skills Class
  • starts December 21, 2019


$225/player for the Fall Semester (4 months)
Minimum of 10 players

($500 refundable deposit to hold spot)


Anderson Mill, Lakeway, Round Rock, South Austin

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If you decide that Team Training at Avila is right for your team, please contact Coach Eryck at 512.9245715.

The purchase buttons below are not functional yet, but once a location, day and time has been agreed upon, your teammates will be able to purchase through the links below.

Reg. price $225/player

Team Location Day & Time Purchase
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Scrimmage Cancellations: If you are unable to make a scrimmage session, please fill out the form using the link above. Please note, scrimmages have a “use it or lose it policy.” (Single-day Cancellation: use if cancelling a single scrimmage session; Long-term Cancellation: use if cancellation is long-term/indefinite due to injury, conflict etc.)