Summer Team Package

This Summer, Test Your Playbook

Could your kid’s team or special group of friends use a soccer edge? Then give them access to our Playbook this Summer with a special resource that takes growth to another level of customization. It’s based on our Summer Train and Apply concept, which combines our very best Summer programs, the Summer Camp and the Summer Scrimmage.

But since you’d be bringing an entire group of kids to our program, the price is significantly reduced. This year, make the right PLAY so your young player and their friends can enjoy our assortment of specialized classes all Summer long!

summer camp hex

Train all you can with Summer Camp

  • Focuses on skills training
  • Teach awareness of the unit by interactive drills
  • Assortment of specialized classes like Shooting Mechanics, Juggling, Passing & Receiving, Penalty Kicks and more
  • Fitness with the ball and confidence building


scrimmages hex

Apply Summer Skills through Scrimmaging

  • Focuses on tactical training
  • Teach players to work as a unit using a 4v4 format
  • Explain and break down concepts like triangles, passing lanes and off-the-ball movement
  • Review position specific techniques


speed hex

Bonus: Perform better with Summer Speed & Agility

  • Increase functional strength
  • Improve rotational and core strength for fast and powerful shots and better overall balance
  • Enhance multi-directional speed, acceleration and movement
  • Enhance flexibility
  • FREE if the entire team purchases by March 31st

Get a closer look at our Program

Programs Included:
All-you-can-train Summer Camp
•  Mondays through Fridays
•  Up to 2 sessions daily:
» 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
» 1 Specialty Skills Class
•  June 3 – August 16, 2019

Summer Scrimmaging
•  Weekday and Weekend spots available
•  10 once a week sessions
•  June 3 – August 11, 2019

Summer Speed & Agility (if purchased by 3/31)
•  Mondays through Thursdays
•  once per day (unlimited throughout the summer)
•  June 3 – August 8, 2019

dollar sign Cost
The whole team must sign up to get the discounted price
(Minimum of 10 players, maximum of 18 players)
locations teal Locations
Anderson Mill, Lakeway, Round Rock
Must know for Summer Team Package
Read Orientation

Note: The team will scrimmage together in the location
they signed up for, but each player can choose their
preffered location to do the Summer Camp.

Purchase and Sign up

If you decide that our Summer Team Package is right for your team, please contact Coach Eryck at 512.9245715. Once a location, day and time has been agreed upon, your teammates will be able to purchase through the links below.

Reg. price $300/player

Team Location Day & Time Purchase
Summer Team Package – Team A TBD TBD Purchase