Passing & Receiving

One of the most basic and integral aspects of soccer, passing and receiving, IS actually in many ways the most complicated. “Passing & receiving” versus other ways to win a game like “Dribbling” has always been at the forefront of soccer politics, and played a distinctive role in the first ever international soccer match between Scotland and England who used the different tactics respectively. Scotland won.

Passing should be accurate, simple, quick and disguised not to mention players should look deep as well as behind them. What’s more complicated is that more than one player is involved, one dispersing the ball and one receiving it. This requires positional awareness so that the player can take into consideration the context clues in real time and supply the provision (the ball) with the correct weight on the pass. The “Receiver” needs to be in sync with that vision.


At Avila, our Passing and Receiving class is about technique. In particular the inadvertent shifting of bodyweight which is the most common mechanical error made from beginning to end.

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