XPL Membership Application

Application Procedures

If you are looking to apply for registration to the XPL you will need to complete and submit your application form within the required deadlines. All clubs applying for membership should read the “Memberships Requirements Section” carefully to make sure you understand the commitments XPL expects from you as a club.

All applications are to be submitted to registrar@XPL.Soccer

Application Fees

The first time your club submits an application to XPL, there is non-refundable Application Processing Fee of $50 that will need to be made payable to XXX and submitted along with your completed Application. Your application will not be considered if payment is not supplied with the application.

Applications and payments must be submitted to the XPL Registrar:

XPL Soccer
Attention Registrar
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
CITY, Zip Code

Application Timeline

The XPL application process is broken down by season. You may apply for any season at any time prior to the Season Application deadline. XPL will review applications and inform the applicant as soon as a decision is made following an application review.

If your club has applied in the past but was unable to get accepted, then please submit an updated application to registrar@XPL.Soccer along with any additional information you feel would benefit your application.

Spring Season – 12/31/2023
Early Summer Season – 03/15/2024
Late Summer Season – 05/31/2024
Fall Season – 07/31/2024
Winter Season – 10/31/2024

Upon acceptance into the XPL, you will receive an email containing the XPL Membership Agreement which you will need to sign and return by the specified date in your agreement along with a one-time new member fee of $150.

For questions regarding the application process or your submitted application, please email registrar@xpl.soccer.

Requirements for membership

The following criteria is required for your teams to be accepted into the XPL. It is recommended you review all requirements before submitting your application for entrance.

XPL is league designed for developing top players and as such the coaching and the program that clubs offer to their players must be at an elite level and therefore all coaches must have attended and passed the XPL Coaches Course prior to league play.

Clubs must agree to continue training the players in a 4v4 scrimmage for at least 1 hour a week focusing on the principles XPL promote for development that are covered in the coaches training course. The rules of the scrimmage must also follow the XPL rules to make sure there is a consistency in development.


One-time Acceptance Fee
If your club is accepted, there is a one-time new member fee of $150 of which your application fee will be off set against.

Coaches Training Fee*
Every coach that trains a team in the XPL must have attended and passed the required XPL Coaches Course which costs $100 and is valid for 2 years. (*Fee is waived for 2024)

Annual League Fees
In 2023/2024, the league fee for an individual season is $450 per team. There are no additional fees for the end of season tournament.

There are no game rescheduling fees, but a team can only reschedule up to two league games in a season. All teams are required to play all their league games in a season otherwise they risk being able to participate in future seasons.

Rules & Regulations

All XPL teams are required to understand and abide by the rules and regulations supplied by XPL. Failure to do so could lead to expulsion from the league and the club not being accepted into future seasons.