Check duties daily, clean as needed. Cleaning schedule will be sent by an Avila staff weekly.

Sweep Floors

lobby, loft upstairs, restrooms and hallway next to the field


glass doors, display case, mirrors tables (up and downstairs) and toilets


furniture back to it’s place if moved by clients


restrooms with soap, paper towels and toilet paper when low


both toilets with toilet bowl cleaner as needed


debris from field and lobby, throw out disposable water and gatorade bottles

Restroom trash

Full: throw out, replace with new trash bag Not full: dump trash into black trash can, leave old trash bag

Take out trash

from the large, black trash can, located beneath the stairs


About Avila Soccer

Avila Creative Soccer offers creative indoor soccer training to help players of all ages play brilliantly through:

  • a skill deconstruction method that helps players develop at their own pace

  • an assortment of specialized classes that improve tactical awareness, fitness with the ball, creative skills, and overall confidence

  • accomplished trainers who place a strong focus on personal attention, participation, enjoyment, and individual growth

In addition, our strong reputation for developing highly skilled players, proven stability that shows the effectiveness of our approach, and high-value packages that provide quality soccer lessons at an affordable price enable us to grow athletes that express their imagination on the field.