Orientation – Phase 2

Part 1

Facts about our four Summer Camp products 

Understanding Avila Soccer

  • Why is it important to start classes on time (200 words)?
  • How do you get that done using volunteers, cones and cans (200 words)?
  • Explain how starting classes on time shows integrity in business (200 words).
  • Explain why we divided players by age, and what criteria do you use to divide them (200 words)?
  • Explain why we divide players by ability (why is the lack of following this step the number-one reason trainers get fired) (200 words)?

Explain how Kaizen is related to Avila

Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. Kaizen was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986. Today Kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy. Kaizen is continuous improvement based on certain guiding principles:

  • Good processes bring good results
  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation
  • Speak with data, manage by facts
  • Take action to contain and correct root causes of problems
  • Work as a team
  • Kaizen is everybody’s business

One Kaizan principle is the use whenever possible of visual indicators. Explain how this relates to a parent looking inning your session.

The number-one problem new trainers have is explaining drills before they set the cones up. Why is this a problem? Explain why it’s important. How is this related to Kaizan? Which bullet point above is related to this question?

Why do all shifts need an ASEC value?

A rrival. 15 minutes early to clean to set up
S tart by “being present with the client” now
E nd of shift
C lean 15 minutes of cleaning



Part 2

Answer the following questions.


Explain why there should never be more than 3 people in the line, in any soccer drill at Avila?

2 Using hybrid games like soccer tennis or inventing games with cans is an intrinsic part of the Avila Method. Why do kids find this appealing? How do you navigate line between fun and useful. What are some adaptions to games you can apply?
3 Explain the zen of soccer found on the summer camp page in terms of “awareness”
4 At Avila Soccer, trainers wear black at all times (including black socks, black shorts, black shirt and turf shoes). Explain the symbolism behind socks up and why it is mandatory that trainers wear their socks up at all times. What makes Avila trainers different from convention coaches?
5 When groups are not evenly matched, it’s very important that you don’t do interactive drills and instead opt to do drills that involve everyone having their own ball. What are some ways that you know right from the beginning of the session that the players are not evenly matched?
6 Two trainers run the same exact drills over the same amount of time with the same amount of kids with the same skill level yet one trainer’s group comes out sweating, having burnt more calories with heart rate up the entire time. Why is that and what is that trainer doing correctly? Name 5 things.
7 Each child is a rare gem. We are not hurding cattle. We need to treat each kid as though they are special. Every summer, it never fails that we see a child get left in the lobby watching TV or playing video games when they were supposed to come in for a group class on the turf. This leads to a bad feelings for the kid who has an intuition that they’re missing something and then furthermore, to angry parents who call us up, to voice their dissatisfaction and concern. What can be done at the beginning of the session and what can be done in the middle to avoid this dilemma? Furthermore, why is it that kids don’t know they are supposed to go into the field for their lesson?
8 Name 8 other buttons on Trainer Central. What are their functions?
9 Never offer unsolicited advice and do not try to answer a question you don’t know the answer to. This is a great way to get fired. Many parents try to engage trainers in inflammatory questions about club soccer. Name three techniques you can use to show the parent that you’re listening but not being sucked into this conversation? And please remember this is one reason trainers get fired instantaneously. Why is it that Avila Soccer is a hub for all the soccer clubs in Austin?

At Avila, we enjoy nothing better than to witness a player emerge from near obscurity to stardom—a uniquely American notion.

And yes, Golden Ticket in some ways is a romantic idea—like the very American notion of dormant talent being discovered. Many unlikely champions have arrived through our doors mishandled and misunderstood who needed the devotion of a trainer to draw out the majesty in them. But many trainers like elite kids only. They gravitate towards kids with talent and kids who are communicative. What is something you can do as a trainer to remind yourself to work with all the players equally and give your best to all of them?

11 Using personal cell phones at Avila Soccer on the field at any time can get you fired without a warning. Unless specified by manager, these phones should not be left on any windowsills, they should only be in the lobby. During water breaks are the best time to check one’s phone, but never for personal messages. When is the best time to give a water break and why? In what situation should be occurring right before a water break is called?
12 You’re expected to be clean-cut, clean-shaven, well groomed, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. If you’re not looking anything like mentioned, you are going to be written up. But more than looks, we are looking for something called mental endurance. How can you show this quality on the field, especially when kids are hyperactive and groups are coming every 45 minutes for hours on end?
13 In the end, the trainers are the face of the company. There is an incentive section in the Trainer Central. You can make $10 every time you send us a lead or sale, but only if you use the system. All the facilities will have at least two computers where you can access Trainer Central. Why do you think we will not give you the $10 if you fail to use the system to document your lead or sale?
14 An ounce of image with a pound of strength and keeping your field beautiful should be a constant task which is never ending. Yet many trainers lose hours and cannot keep shifts because their sessions are messy and lack structure visually. Because this is very important in a small space, we take their shift away until they can learn. The Lobby or front stage is the same. You are expected to wipe down windows, change garbage, sweep floors, position the furniture correctly at the beginning, middle and end of your shift. Which one of the following potential customers cares most about this function according to studies? Coaches, siblings, clubs, moms, dads, or the player themselves?
15 Air-conditioning is a big issue in the summer at Avila, where we have billed ourselves as a having climate-controlled, indoor option to beat the heat in Texas. The AC System needs filter changes once every two weeks. the number one reason the AC unit at all three facilities fails at some point every summer is because people leave the system on before leaving. Each unit has a fan button and an AC button. the AC button should be left on “auto” at all times. And AC button should be turned off when leaving. Unfortunately, if it’s determined that you have forgotten one of the two buttons please be aware that you could be suspended. There are units on the field and in the lobby. If you leave for the day and think you forgot the AC buttons, what should you do to fix the situation?
16 It’s your job to report any type of injury however minor. Amazingly, some trainers tend to run sessions that involve more injuries than other trainers. What can you do to avoid this? Give an example.
17 Sports are mechanisms of socialization. Unfortunately, some kids don’t play well with others. They use demeaning words or can sometimes be aggressive. If it is found that you failed to protect a child from this inappropriate behavior, there will be nothing but dire ramifications for you–and I will personally call you out if it comes to my attention. If a player uses the word “loser” for example, the player must be told calmly but strongly and immediately that that word is not acceptable. Never allow kids to pick teams because it creates peer pressure and they come to Avila to escape that. Whatever you do, never allow a kid to show disappointment for being placed on a particular kids team. explain to him why it’s not cool to react like that. Finally, Some kids are their own worst critic. Explain to me how the coach could help break this behavior in a calm positive way.