Origins of 4v4 Soccer

Nurturing Dutch concepts to maximize player development

Our 4v4 scrimmage spawns from a Dutch philosophy that has more recently germinated itself in Spanish soccer, seeding continuous success for one of the greatest clubs in the world, FC Barcelona. In 1985, the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) began formal research into the development of creative players, and found that creativity was nurtured by the game itself—as kids were free to try their own solutions to problems presented.

This realization led them to introduce 4v4. This new format, they believed, was the smallest way of playing the game without losing the essentials of soccer. There are always possibilities to play deep, wide or backwards, and players are constantly confronted with match situations.

Our Summer Scrimmaging builds on these proven foundational concepts by using an indoor field—its four walls and perfect playing surface force quicker reactions and foster creativity. And by injecting an Avila trainer into each match, quality of play is preserved. What results is an opportunity to develop amid competition, something typical leagues aren’t able to offer. Make history this summer by joining our new breed of soccer scrimmaging.