Receptionists Duties

Opening Shift

Facility appearance
  • Set thermostat to 70°
  • Turn on TV’s and set to a sports channel
  • Check on lobby and field tidiness (debris on field, cans/cones strewn about, deflated balls, etc.). If the field is not tidy, inform the incoming trainer.
  • Turn on music
  • Ensure Avila employees are dressed appropriately. Trainers should wear black shirt, black shorts, black calf-length socks. Any caps should be black and facing forward. Receptionists are expected to dress in smart-casual attire.
  • Activate RC notifications
  • Make sure Scrimmage and Private Lesson scores have been added to the Daily Training Schedules on the Google docs from the day before
  • Check Google Calendar for any scrimmage cancellations and document on the Daily Training Schedules
  • Inform corresponding trainers if there are any Baseline Assessments for the day
  • Identify 4 players from the previous day’s Check-in Form to receive S’s (Soccer IQ, Sport Codes, Statesmanship, Skills and TPS). Assign documentation to the trainer that worked with the players the previous day. Pick players who haven’t been given any S’s recently.
  • Invite players to scrimmages that have incomplete numbers. Confirm with a manager if players picked are suitable for the scrimmages.
  • Work on Todoist tasks that are assigned to you directly
  • Complete a Beginning of Shift Report by 4:00p using the following form:
Workload guide when an Avila Facility is without a receptionist

Facility without receptionist

Workload will be handled by

Anderson Mill Lakeway
Lakeway Round Rock
Round Rock South Austin
South Austin Anderson Mill


  • Greet and acknowledge anyone who walks through the doors
  • Ensure players are checking in and using a wristband
  • Answer phone calls from managers and owner
  • Answer any RC calls and texts promptly, identifying your name and Avila location. Please make sure any correspondence with clients go through RC alone.
  • Inform managers of any client issues and important matters promptly. Add to Todoist and assign to a manager
  • If you make a sale, please send details to the managers
  • For hot leads (renewals, new clients etc), get a manager on the phone or complete the lead yourself
  • For players coming in for a Baseline Assessment, hand them a laminated poster titled “What to expect in a Baseline” and a red wristband.
  • Remind trainers to separate players according to age group
  • Keep lobby looking presentable
  • Reset televisions to a soccer game that have at least an hour left to play
  • Tidy up and stock restrooms when necessary

Closing Shift

  • Tidy up the lobby
  • Assign closing duties to trainers (empty trash and place in garbage bins out back, sweep, wipe windows). No receptionists taking garbage out to the back.
  • Turn off TV’s
  • Turn off air-conditioning using the AC app ONLY
  • Get TPS scores for as many scrimmages as you can
  • Acknowledge lead trainer/manager before leaving