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Instructions for Party Host

Forward this page to your guests so they can redeem their Digital Party Favor. Don’t forget to fill out the form yourself to get free training!

Thank you for attending a party at Avila Soccer!

We hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did. As a token of our appreciation, celebrants and guests receive this Digital Party Favor for free training at Avila Soccer. Continue the soccer fun, click on Get My Free Training to get started!
  • 4 sessions of Skills Classes (2 sessions per day, 45 minutes each session)
  • 4 Avila Soccer locations to choose from
  • may not start free training 10 days after attending an Avila party
  • 2 days must be completed within 2 weeks

How To Get Your Free Training

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Enjoy your class. Check out our First-Timer Guide to help prepare for your first session.

*Free training only applies to new players who have attended a party at Avila Soccer. Current and returning Avila players are excluded from redeeming this digital party favor, it may not be used retroactively.