Online Classes Schedule

The Online Special Classes are now a permanent fixture and will continue to be offered seasonally going forward.

Online Soccer Schedule

Wednesdays | 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Fall Semester starting Sept 2nd

Free General Skills & Specialty Classes
1 hour (40 minutes General Skills, 20 minutes Specialty Skills)
Blue, Orange and Green Level

Blue New

0–10 Points New player at this level, little to no experience but has the desire to play.

Blue Ready

11–20 Points Player who is ready to test for the next level, has begun to develop coordination and sensory integration and is ready to begin influencing the game more.

Orange New

21–30 Points New player at this level. Needs work but has already played a few seasons and can influence the game. Is getting familiar with all the basic skill sets and mechanical principles required of the respective techniques.

Orange Ready

31–40 Points Player who is ready for the next level, is more assertive, can perform skills more confidently now and has begun to improve their positioning too. This player is beginning to play with conviction.

Green New

41–50 Points New player at this level. Very well-rounded player who needs fine-tuning and challenge, can complete 10-25 calm juggles on command, makes little to no unforced errors, especially in receiving the ball. Plays the ball sideways versus just forward or back.

Green Ready

51–60 Points Player who is ready for the next level, can complete 25-50 calm juggles on command. Makes no unforced errors, has improved tactical understanding of off-the-ball movement when their team is in possession. (finding triangles). Pressures opponents in smart ways, creating opportunities where there weren't any. 

Gold New

61–70 Points New player at this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 51-200 calm juggles on command, alternating feet. Can make things simple, can make no-look passes, can switch the point of attack using one touch. Has begun thinking ahead, resulting in superior spacing. Their sense of predictive momentum is well honed and influences their decisions more than ever.

Gold Ready

71–80 Points Player who is ready for the next level, can complete 201- 350 calm juggles on command, alternating feet. Can deliberately control the pace of the game, knows when to possess and when to carry the ball themselves, always makes other players play better, can be put on a weak team and still win.

Black New

81–90 Points New player at this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure, can complete 25 juggles with a tennis ball, is committed to continuous connection, tracks their own teammates positions photographically and reads their intent meticulously, can apply elegant and yet appropriate skills at will. Is super confident in their abilities. Impacts the game dramatically at will. Is ready to play when the whistle sounds.

Black Ready

91–100 Points A master of thinking triangles into existence. Can create triangles, abandon the form, run across the field, and recreate the triangle again. Has a virtuoso level of skill. Can win a game all on their own but always makes their teammates play better. Is often one of best players on the field. Has lightning-quick mental reflexes. Can spot and adapt to the adversary's strategy quickly and unlock the other team with a combination of finesse, decision making and physical ability. Plays until the last whistle.

Tips for taking an online soccer lesson

The online classes will be held through Google Meet. Make sure to use the Google Chrome browser or have it installed ahead of time.
The ideal space would be a 10’x10′ grass or flat surface with a wall or net. The wall or net is not required, but it could be helpful so players don’t have to chase the ball too far
If training in the backyard/outdoors, use wireless earphones or attach a speaker to the computer to be able to hear the trainers better.

You may use your phone to follow along with the lessons, but a bigger screen like an iPad or a laptop would be better for viewing purposes.

How to join a Google Meeting