Little Dribblers

Huge news for your little one!

Introducing the Little Dribblers program, a fun program designed for children ages 2 and 3. This high-quality weekly training program uses a unique methodology tailored to the needs of young kids. The use of small indoor turf allows maximum action, quickens training pace, forces development of reaction skills, and encourages creativity. While other programs resemble a non-directed play therapy, lesson plans at Avila are indeed designed to sneak in timing, motor skills, and even tactical awareness. This class will provide a great opportunity for your children to learn team work and enhance their developmental coordination as well as their social skills.

The Avila starter program, Little Dribblers is for 2-3 year olds. It is a parent and me class where parents (or guardians) are encouraged but not required to participate with their child throughout the 45 minute class. Little Dribblers graduate to Kicker Garden once they reach 4-5 years old.

Our mission is to give children an alternative way to experience soccer that is free of competition. It’s about tailoring a program to the needs of young athletes so that through the game, they find a sense of mastery and self-development. As each player establishes a rapport with the ball and hones their motor skills, their cognitive abilities also increase within a stress-free, supportive environment. We always have fun, but transition from drill to drill quickly, making sure to include details often overlooked such as rhythm, coordination, creativity, vision, and individual excellence.

Program Details

3 Month Duration

Next Semester start:

Next Semesters:
June – August
September – November
December – February


$150 – once a week
$250 – twice a week
$300 – thrice a week
Enrollment requires a 3-month commitment

Siblings train free!

Free of charge to siblings who qualify for


Anderson Mill

Days & Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:45 AM – 11:30 PM
45 minutes per day

Safety Protocols

All players and families must adhere to the Safety Protocols

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Avila Mornings

Little Dribblers is part of the Avila Mornings at Anderson Mill & Lakeway:

Extra time in between classes will be used for player exit, deep cleaning, player entrance and check-in