Client Service Associate

Avila Creative Soccer Client Service Associate

Avila Creative Soccer is seeking a Client Service Associate with great customer service skills, excellent social skills and basic sales experience. An ideal candidate would be someone who is comfortable making and answering phone calls, scheduling clients, and handling class inquiries and sales. Must be energetic, resourceful and highly organized with great multi-tasking skills.

Compensation: $16-20/hour

Days and Hours: Monday-Friday, (25 hours – flexible)

Location: Avila Creative Soccer – Anderson Mill (8863 Anderson Mill Rd, Suite 107, Austin, TX 78729)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Schedule and recruit players for classes
  • Answer inquiries about Avila Creative Soccer’s classes
  • Help new players sign up for classes and packages
  • Address client complaints and escalate to a senior trainer whenever necessary
  • Document and update player information on Google Suite


  • At least 2 years customer service experience in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • previous sales experience
  • Solid verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Intermediate computer skills required (must be familiar with Google Suite)
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to multi-task in a busy environment


  • Experience with Mindbody Online or other booking/client management tools
  • Soccer-minded, understands the game of soccer

Client Service Associates will be required to use their own computer.

Bilingual Spanish/English preferred.

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Full Detailed Duties

Morning report

Send the following numbers to Eryck:

  • How many are expected to be in today’s scrimmage?
  • How many no-shows yesterday by location?
  • How many Baseline Assessments today?
  • How many trials today?

Morning tasks:

  • Make sure Baseline Assessment results were sent to you by trainers. If not,
  • Check google calender for special events today or the next 3 days. Remind Eryck if there is an upcoming event.
  • Check if there are any payment plans due today.
  • How many players  did the trainers send to you to  have you call for recruit
  • We’re Baselines results sent to you
  • Any scores missing from scrimmages or privates

Daily Mid shift tasks

•Ac /heat Turn On based on weather
•Send out results of baseline reports to parents – contact trainer who dod not submit scores
• List trials  that need a follow up call with name and number – copy eryck and Marco
•Record which trainers are scheduled at which location for the day on trainer doc in google
•Send reminder to trainers of special private lesson notes
•inform trainers of baselines exams to expect
•Text no shows from day before with info graphic but first make sure they weren’t simply a Kate cancellations. By checking calender
• complete invites texts
• check calender  and google doc to documents expected cancellations document cancelations before completing red flag report•Suggest which trainer should do what private lessons•For any scrimmage groups expecting less then 7 kids send the existing 7 kids expected a reminder


•Process all money same day
•If they buy scrimmage, Document the agreed group they will be in on appropriate daily training schedule
•If people buy a scrimmage online without contacting us create a list of people who need to be placed in scrimmages•Make sure that everyone who scheduled a base line – paid for the exam and if they haven’t paid make sure that their package includes the price of the  exam•Process payroll once a week
•Remind/ Direct project manager ( rebeccca) to order offices  supplies through quill
•pick up graphic  orders from the printer and arrange for  to trainers to pick up and dispersal
•Make sure trainer get paid for birthday parties ahead of time
•calender all free trials
•enter data from league matches onto the website using the games sheets which are screens shotted  
•Manage the google calender
•Manage the google CRM doc