Late Summer Tune-up

Tune up for the Fall Season with our popular Summer Programs!

With the Late Summer Tune-up Program, your child will be able to join one or both of our most popular Summer Programs (Summer Camp and/or Scrimmaging). The Late Summer Tune-up for Fall comes with daily Speed & Agility training options (Mon-Thu) and a free Baseline Assessment (fee waived) so we know exactly how much tuning up we have to do!

Summer Camp

  • Focuses on skills training
  • Teach awareness of the unit by interactive drills
  • Assortment of specialized classes like Shooting Mechanics, Juggling, Passing & Receiving, Penalty Kicks and more
  • Fitness with the ball and confidence building
  • Free: Speed & Agility session once a day throughout summer
  • Free: (mandatory) Baseline Assessment


  • Focuses on tactical training
  • Teach players to work as a unit using a 4v4 format
  • Explain and break down concepts like triangles, passing lanes and off-the-ball movement
  • Review position specific techniques
  • Free: Speed & Agility session once a day throughout summer
  • Free: (mandatory) Baseline Assessment

Get a closer look at the Late Summer Tune-up Program

join Program & Cost Options
A. Summer Camp
•  Mondays through Fridays
•  Up to 2 sessions daily:
» 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
» 1 Specialty Skills Class
•  July 15 – August 16, 2019
$200 Anderson Mill/Round Rock
$225 LakewayB. Summer Scrimmaging
•  Weekday and Weekend spots available
•  4 scrimmage sessions
•  July 15 – August 11, 2019
$200 Anderson Mill/Round Rock
$225 LakewayC. Summer Camp + Scrimmaging
$225 Anderson Mill/Round Rock
$250 Lakeway
arrow right Free with purchase:
FREE: Summer Speed & Agility•  Free for both Camp and Scrimmaging
•  Mondays through Thursdays
•  once per day (unlimited throughout the summer)
•  July 15 – August 8, 2019FREE: Baseline Assessment (mandatory)Initial entry requirement into any Avila
program to determine armband levelSee awesome deals below! sale badge
locations teal Locations
Anderson Mill, Lakeway, Round Rock
info black Must know for Late Summer Tune-up

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If you decide our programs are right for your child, click the links below to get started


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Summer Camp Daily Skills Training sessions
• 1 Age-appropriate Small Group session
• 1 Specialty Skills session
Free Speed & Agility daily
Free (mandatory) Baseline Assessment
$200 Anderson Mill

$200 Round Rock

$225 Lakeway

Anderson Mill


Round Rock

Scrimmaging 4 Scrimmages through August 11, 2019
Free Speed & Agility once a week
Free (mandatory) Baseline Assessment
$200 Anderson Mill

$200 Round Rock

$225 Lakeway

Anderson Mill


Round Rock

Summer Camp
& Scrimmaging
Daily Skills Training sessions
• 1 Age-appropriate Small Group session
• 1 Specialty Skills session
4 Scrimmages through August 11, 2019
Free Speed & Agility daily
Free (mandatory) Baseline Assessment
$225 Anderson Mill

$225 Round Rock

$250 Lakeway

Anderson Mill


Round Rock

What to do after purchasing

1. Schedule the Baseline Assessment

Baseline Assessment

The Baseline Assessment is the initial entry requirement to Avila Soccer. It is mandatory for all new players, and for players who have skipped a semester. The cost is $10 and is billed separately from any package that may be purchased. The assessment can be added on to any package at the time of purchase, but it must be scheduled and purchased before beginning any training package. The purpose of the Baseline Assessment is to assign an armband to the player.

Levels examColor-coded armbands at Avila are used to:

  • recognize or reward achievement
  • help the trainers instantly group players with similarly experienced players
  • inspire players to improve through a pathway
  • create scrimmage groups based on level
  • recruit for scrimmages when scrimmage players indicate they will be absent

Schedule your Baseline Assessment

Schedule now

2a. Schedule your Classes (Camp)

Players can attend up to 3 classes each day (1 Specialty Skills Class, 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class and 1 Speed & Agility Class). You’ll be able to choose the exact classes you want–location, dates, time, and type of class.

  • No crashing of classes, only attend the classes that you signed up for. You won’t be allowed to train if you are not scheduled for a class. 
  • Last minute sign-ups can be made an hour before class starts.
  • If you plan to skip a class, please make sure to cancel, even if it is at the last minute.

Anderson MillLakewayRound Rock

View scheduling and canceling instructions

calendar 2

2b. Schedule your classes (Scrimmage)

How to schedule

  1. Know your Baseline Assessment results (mandatory) before scheduling
  2. View the Scrimmage Schedule
  3. Text the following info to 512-710-6406:
    1. Player’s name and age
    2. Player’s Baseline Assessment results
    3. Scrimmage you would like to join (include day, time and location)

*Players can only join a scrimmage based on age, level and availability. Please do not attend a scrimmage session if you have not received confirmation. Players are guaranteed a minumum of 4 confirmations.

Sample Text Message:

John is joining the Fall Tune-up Program

  1. John James, age 10
  2. Orange 2 New
  3. Friday, 2:45p, Anderson Mill
scrimmage cancellation

Scrimmage Cancellations

Scrimmaging requires a predictable number of players to show up to each session; and as circumstances arise, you may forget to inform us of your absence. As a result, we sometimes don’t have a properly balanced scrimmage to render.

To ensure that Avila trainers are properly prepared for optimal parameters of scrimmage training, we ask that you please let us know if you will be missing a session using the link below.

Using the link below is the only valid method of canceling your classes. Texts and phone calls are not helpful. Same day notifications will be accepted, but only up to 1 hour prior to session. There will be a $25 fine for not informing Avila staff of absences.

Single-day Cancellations

3. Know the Dress Code

Mandatory Dress Code

  • Players must wear an Avila Classic Shirt at all times. Limited edition Avila shirts are also acceptable to wear.
  • Players are expected to have their own Avila Classic Shirt within 10 days of start of training.
  • Players who show up without an Avila shirt will be asked to wear a pinnie, which will be returned at the end of the session.
  • Players must wear an Avila wristband designating their level. Players will be assigned a wristband on the player's first day based on their existing level or result of the Baseline Assessment. If players forget their wristbands, a new one will be assigned at the cost of $2 (a text confirmation will be sent).
  • Goalies are excluded from this dress code but must wear the Avila wristband that corresponds with their level.
  • Use soccer shorts or athletic shorts, any color is fine.
  • Shin guards are required during scrimmage classes but may be removed during skills sessions.
  • Turf shoes are preferred. Cleats and tennis shoes are acceptable. Shooting Mechanics class is done barefoot, cleats should be removed before class.

Avila Classic Shirts are mandatory

Avila Classic Shirts can be purchased at our online shop only. Shirts will not be available for purchase at any of our facilities. Starts at $9.31

View Shop

4. Check-in at the lobby before each class

Rules 25fine v2

Checking-in at Avila

• All players must check-in at the computers in the lobby prior to your session.

• If attending more than one session, you do not have to check in for both of them if they are continous.

Players who do not check in will be fined $25.