Avila App Explained

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The new Avila App is coming soon!

At Avila Soccer, our success depends on our members; and every member matters. But oftentimes, a lack of skillful communication between parents, their players, and our trainers can lead to confusion, misunderstanding and disappointment. This can impact your bottom line.

What if there was a way to simplify and optimize the line of communication between all parties so that parents could easily determine where their child falls on the spectrum of talent, where they need to grow their skills, and how to help their players improve to increase the chances they will rise to the top and perhaps even secure a college scholarship or more?

This is the Avila App, a revolutionary system that brings our patrons and trainers  together, creating a method by which parents can monitor their child’s progress and soccer skills — or soccer IQ — to see what areas they need to target to help their child succeed, all while increasing goodwill and reducing the opportunities for miscommunication. The information is available to review in a variety of graphical formats to demonstrate a clear picture of each player’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of development.

Utilizing an innovative measurement system created by Avila, families can see same-day information on their child’s status. Each player, based on their personal performance, is assigned one of five color-coded levels, ranging from blue to black. These different levels are divided into two categories: Emerging (New) or Advanced (Ready). A user can then easily see the pathway for progress. 

Creating your own personal login is one of the first and most important steps in the Avila soccer process to fully enjoy the experience. The Avila App not only captures and delivers a player’s performance analytics, it’s also used for:

  • Accepting or declining Scrimmage invites
  • Scheduling Skills Classes
  • Reporting Absences
  • Informing trainers when running late to a session
  • Receiving closures notifications and announcements
  • Knowing when your child receives special awards and badges
  • and so much more…

Any participant in Avila Soccer training may expect regularly gathered and recorded feedback about their soccer performance accessible through Avila App. Creating and maintaining your Avila App account is mandatory to train, schedule, receive performance feedback, and participate in this program.

For problems logging in, please text 512-838-3892.