Adult Skills Fitness Class

Join us for an alternative soccer experience

At Avila Soccer, we focus on skills development, fitness with the ball, predictive momentum (soccer is), and controlled scrimmaging. In our 45-minute adult group sessions, extra time is devoted to a slow warmup with the ball. The skills training in these sessions takes into account the more cerebral ability of adults to learn and process motor skills. Besides fitness with the ball and detailed skills training, adults have an opportunity to learn tactical awareness and finish with a scrimmage.

Our indoor, climate-controlled, synthetic grass training facility is state-of-the-art with air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort. Come experience a facility that feels more like a home than a business.

For questions, please call Coach Eryck at 512-363-7992.


Class includes

  • Skills development
  • Fitness with the ball
  • Predictive momentum (Soccer IQ)
  • Controlled scrimmaging

Beginners to advanced players allowed


Couples can train for the price of 1

Players get prorated cost if they start at the middle of the month. Players will be billed automatically at the top of the next full month. If you prefer not to do autopay, please inform Avila staff.


Avila Soccer – Anderson Mill
8863 Anderson Mill Rd, #107
Austin, TX 78729

Avila Soccer – South Austin
7601 South Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78745


Mondays, 8:45 PM – Anderson Mill
Wednesdays, 8:00 PM – South Austin

45-minute sessions
up to 8 sessions per month


Couples can train for the price of 1