Spring Programs (free now) must read

If you sign-up for any Summer Program and are not in any Avila Spring Program, you may train in a corresponding Spring Program free of charge through the end of the Spring Semester (May 15, 2020).

Example, if you purchased

  • Summer Camp (1.5 hours of skills training), get Spring Performance Option #1 (limit to 1 hour of skills training until further notice) for free until end of Spring.
  • Summer Train & Apply, get Spring Performance Option #2 free until end of Spring
  • Summer Scrimmaging, get Spring Scrimmaging free until the end of Spring

Please note that these offers apply to new purchases made on or after March 16, 2020. They may not be used retroactively.

To help the community feel at ease in choosing Avila Summer Programs – if anyone wants a refund once summer programs start, they will be given a full refund immediately and they will not owe money for time they trained before the Summer.

Temporary class guidelines are in currently in place for safety measures. Read more ยป