See why Scrimmages at Avila are particularly colorful

Scrimmage players are expected to wear both an armband and a wristband. Scrimmaging at Avila Creative Soccer is more than just about how good a player is, or what armband level they are. There’s also a particular style of play, a brand of play associated with our Scrimmage Classes. For that reason we needed an additional measure (a wristband) to help us get players to work together better towards that style of play that we’re looking for.

Trainers will assign a wristband throughout the scrimmage to the players and can even change their choice up or down within a particular session, it’s more fluid than the arm band. So the armband mostly measures skill, whereas the wristband measures how well players (regardless of the skill), work with each other.


Wrist Band Level

Using a color-coded wristband system, we figured out that by measuring unforced errors we could help players become aware of how well they’re working with others – which in our book supersedes winning and scoring goals. Plain and simple.

This is an indicator of the players’ ability to make players around them play better. One way to measure this is to determine how often a player makes an unforced error.

Fluid Measure

A player could be given a different wristband on a different day based on what the coach is seeing in the warm up and in the scrimmage that day. A player can also move up or down a level throughout the scrimmage time.

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