Scrimmage Classes Information

Scrimmaging requires a predictable number of players to show up to each session; and as circumstances arise, you may forget to inform us of your absence. As a result, we sometimes don’t have a properly balanced scrimmage to render.

To ensure that Avila trainers are properly prepared for optimal parameters of scrimmage training, we ask that you please let us know if you will be missing a session using the Report a Cancellation Form. Please note using the links below is the only valid method of canceling your classes. Texts and phone calls are not helpful. Same day notifications will be accepted, but only up to 1 hour prior to session. There will be a $25 fine for not informing Avila staff of absences.

scrimmage cancellation

Scrimmage Cancellations

If you are unable to make a scrimmage session, please fill out the form through the link below. Please note, scrimmages have a “use it or lose it policy.” (Single-day Cancellation: use if cancelling a single scrimmage session; Long-term Cancellation:use if cancellation is long-term/indefinite due to injury, conflict etc.)

Single-day Cancellations

Long-term Cancellations

scrimmage makeup

Scrimmage Make-ups

While we don’t guarantee any make-ups, if you’re interested in getting one, follow the instructions through the link below

Scrimmage Make-up