Did you know?

Anyone who trains at the Anderson Mill facility can train at our nearby Round Rock facility during Summer Camp. It’s only eight minutes away and all classes are scheduled exactly the same way.

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Tips for Players

  • Bring balls but don’t forget to bring them home when you leave
  • Bring a bag with water and a dry shirt–you will work up a sweat and should stay hydrated and dry.
  • Show up with the attitude that you want to get better, not necessarily the attitude that you want to win.
  • Be process oriented, not results oriented
  • Remember to compliment the other campers who are trying to reproduce the skills we are teaching as best they can. As their approximations get better, and you take notice, do not hesitate to encourage them and tell them good job. Because that means a lot coming from you.
  • Don’t mistake activity for achievement! Slow down and understand the nuts and bolts of the move first before speeding up.
  • Don’t worry if you cannot get a move right away. Sometimes the class is simply designed to introduce the move and its elements and over the summer’s expanse – you begin to master it.
  • Thank your family and friends who bought this camp for you. You are involved in some of the finest training that Texas has to offer, or anywhere in the states for that matter.
  • Make sure to only do the classes you booked online – which should be on Avila’s booking system, signupgenius.com
  • Pick up an Avila shirt some time in your first week. Wear it with pride, you represent Avila now.
  • Hey, it’s ok if you forget your shirt! We will have pinnie vests for training that look just like your shirt.