Yes, all new players, players that have never been assessed, or players returning from a semester’s absence are required to purchase and schedule the Baseline Assessment.

The Baseline Assessment fee is $10.

The assessment doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, but players are encouraged to stay for the entire 45-minute class.

No, your child will be attending a regular scheduled class with existing Avila players. The trainers can render the assessment simultaneously without interfering with the scheduled class.

Results will be given the same day via email.

Yes, players can start a purchased program after the assessment according to their age and level.

We welcome as always, new players to come participate in a free trial (a free trial does not come with the Baseline Assessment). So to be clear, a player may choose to do a free trial at Avila but that will not give them their Baseline Assessment required to begin a program. The trial is just a chance for the player to cultivate a sense of the live event and see if this is a high value program that they would enjoy and benefit from. There is of course the option to schedule and purchase the Baseline Assessment to happen during the free trial if the potential new player finds that to be convenient.